One day…

31 May

Over the many events that have happened in this lovely month of May, I am going to take some time to reflect.

May 1… I was finished with student teaching and one of my favorite students (yes I have favorites) was not there. This made me very sad.

May 9.. Graduated college. This still seems very surreal to me. I still cannot believe that when I wake up in the morning and go to pick out a shirt to wear for the day, that my COLLEGE diploma looks me in the face.

May 19… Left for a wonderful Washington adventure. Along the way I met some lovely people that moved from Kansas City to Seattle. This is my dream. Seattle was such a wonderful trip and I loved seeing all of my friends. I hope that the next time that I come some things are different and I will be looking at apartments.

May 26… Job interview for a job in JAPAN! It went well. It was over an hour long and that is the longest interview that I have ever had. It was wonderful and I hope that I get the job. I will inform everyone later.

May 27.. Home from Seattle. It was sad to leave my wonderful friend Hannah, but glad to be home sleeping in a wonderful Queen sized bed. I also ate something that made me VERY sick.

May 29.. yep crushed.

May 30… My wonderful friend from college came to stay with me. She just found out that she is pregnant and her and her hubby are expecting their first child in January! I am soo excited for her. Also… breakdown.

May 31… Bridal shower for one of my bffs ever.

I hope that June is an exciting fun filled month. I hope that my most wonderful friend from Texas will get to come visit me. I know that this month will be filled with lots of wedding stuff.

I wonder when my day will be.


One Response to “One day…”

  1. Hannah June 4, 2009 at 7:05 pm #

    Your day will be June 23, 2012. :]

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