17 Jun

I often like to dream about random peoples life stories. What were they doing when they were my age? How did they get to where they are now?

I was thinking about this lady as I watched her walk across the street in front of my car. She was carrying a cream soda pop (yes pop even though it is soda) bottle. She looked like she might have just got off work. She looked tired though.

I wonder if she knows Jesus? I wonder if she has a family? Is she married? Has anyone today told her that they love her? Is she a mom? Does she have grandchildren? Does she live around here? I wonder if she needs a ride? Is cream soda her favorite drink? Yes…all of those questions went through my mind as she crossed in front of my car.

I wonder if people think the same about me? Do they want to know my story?

What is your story?


One Response to “Stories”

  1. Bri July 2, 2009 at 7:45 pm #

    I do that a lot too… (:

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