Wonder much?

2 Jul

One of the many things that I like to do on a daily basis is go to yahoo.com and look at the top 10 searches for the day.

Today the list consists of:

1.Hayden Panettiere             6. Diprivan
2. Sarah Palin                        7. Dinara Safina
3. Afghanistan                       8. Manny Ramirez
4. Black Hole                         9. Garrison Keillor
5. Sears Tower                      10. E Coli

I think that this is a very interesting list. What if you were one of the above people and you signed into your Yahoo account and you found out that a Black Hole and E Coli were searched along with your self on the top 10 list of today.

Another thing that I like to do is search to see what some of these things are. I know that people are probably searching the Sears Tower because of the sweet new balcony that is made of glass that you can walk out on and see the city of Chicago beneath you. But why Diprivan? Oh… it is what was found in MJ’s house.



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