26 Jul

Yes. I am working!

I got a job at Starbucks and it is amazing. I am so excited that I am getting this opportunity to work at such an amazing company.

I love the environment and it is so much fun! I love all of the people that come in and my coworkers already know what they want because they come in everyday. I hope that I am able to know what people want to drink soon!

Right now I would really like a Grande Carmel Cinnamon Dolce with 4 shots.

But when I was leaving work the other day, and walking to my car, there was a lady that was getting yelled at by a man. It connected in my head that she was his “lady” and that he apparently didn’t like what she did. My heart instantly broke because this lady was NOT being treated how she should. I wish I had the guts to stick up and tell that guy to shut up and treat her properly but I don’t think he knows how to do that.

Here lately, my heart has been breaking for people. I have been wanting to share Jesus more and more. I want people to know what true LOVE is and what it feels like. How it feels when no one will ever leave you and will always love you through no matter what.

What are you doing to share the love of Christ?


One Response to “Working…”

  1. hannahruthie July 26, 2009 at 3:19 am #

    You just HAD to add the convicting question at the end didn’t you? I feel like I haven’t been sharing Christ’s love recently. There’s no excuse for it. I should be. It’s encouraging to see that you are noticing and being purposeful about it. I want to be more like that.

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