Cake and Jesus

28 Oct

Last week seemed to be a success. I’m glad that everyone enjoyed that lovely video that I posted. 🙂 I will be sure to find more for all of you.

This week:

This site is hilarious. It is exactly that.. cake wrecks. Sometimes I don’t think that people are really using their heads when they think something is a good idea but then… it turns out bad. ENJOY!

~ Ellen. Holy Moses… she is stinking hilarious. I know that it has been about 2 years since this video was aired, but sometimes you need to be reminded of the hilariousness that comes from this show. Watch this video… I PROMISE… it is not gross. I love Jesus but drink a little. And I think that we can take away a lot of great ideas from this lady.

~ laughing. If you haven’t laughed today, you need to watch that video. Laughing is one of my most favorite things to do and if I haven’t laughed all day long, something is VERY wrong with me.


Ok well enjoy and let me know what you think!




One Response to “Cake and Jesus”

  1. alece October 28, 2009 at 7:04 pm #

    i blogged that ellen video a couple years ago. i’ve watched it dozens of times since then. and it still makes me laugh till my stomach hurts.

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