27 Dec

Wow… what a year it has been!

A year of heart aches, belly laughs, tears, joy and sorrow.

Some of the things that stick out in my mind from this year, bear with me… there might be quite a list:

Seattle (twice), a broken heart, engagements GA-LORE, falling in love with teaching, college graduation, my best friends wedding, my friends being scattered all over the USA, getting a job in Japan, Saige coming to visit, Hannah coming to visit, going to visit Saige, going to three new states (Washington, Wisconsin, and New Mexico), working at the bux, rebuilding friendships, and of course… MJ’s death and the never ending news coverage.

These things were some of the best memories of 2009 and some of the worst. I know that 2010 will be an excellent year and a year that I will never forget. I am excited for 2010 to arrive but I am also nervous at the same time. I know that God is going to be with me in this next year and I cannot wait to continue trusting Him in everything I do. I will be needing His trust and your prayers as I start preparing to move to Japan in just 37 short days.

What is your favorite memory of 2009?


One Response to “2009”

  1. Jace December 28, 2009 at 6:11 pm #

    oh how I love you and your next chapter of life is about to start. I’m so stoked for you, to be here to encourage you, to pray for you and to just be a good friend.

    i love youuuuuuuuu

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