20 Jan

Here lately, God has been kicking me in the pants and well… it hurts.

On Sunday morning I sat in my “assigned” pew and listened to my pastor talk about Different Values. How we as Christians are set apart from God and how we should be different from the world. You know, all of that stuff that I have heard before.

He got me when he said, “People get confused about Jesus Christ. All other religions are about DO. Our religion is about DONE.”

It got me thinking, this is so true. Everyone who is not “practicing” Christianity are trying to be the best that they can be so that they will please their god or have enough of whatever. But Christianity is about Christ. Christ was the sacrifice that we needed. He did that for us, for all of eternity. DONE.

When I accepted Christ to be my Lord and Savior, I traded in my old life for this new one in Christ. So this means that Jesus is living in and through me. But is He really? Do I act like Christ would? Do I say things that glorify Christ? Do I proclaim Jesus’ name to other people?

My pastor said that in order to be dead to sin and alive in Christ he thinks of it as being dead like a corpse but having a new life.

So when I am tempted to gossip, I need to remember that I should be dead to that because that is of my old life without Christ and then think about what Christ would do. Would He stand there and not say anything and continue listening to the gossip? Or would He say that that is not bringing glory and honor to His name?

I know this is cliche but WWJD?

This week I challenge you to: Speak a word of blessing instead of a curse.


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