13 Feb

Yesterday was my first day of work. Most people are pretty excited about their first day of work. Working in a new environment, meeting new people, getting to learn how to do the new job or whatever it maybe. Well I was all of that and more. On my first day of work:

I got to go sledding on a mountain with my kids.


I was amazed that my students who are 6 years old, were speaking to each other fluently in English. They knew what to say to get their point across and they were even talking about what they did last night and so on. I was floored.

But more so jealous.

They could talk to each other in 2 languages. They could talk in Japanese AND English fluently.

I know a lot of random words from random languages but I am not fluent in any other language at all. I wish I could be but I have never had the opportunity.

My students have inspired me. I hope to learn some Japanese while I am here. If I am not fluent, at least enough to get a conversation or point across to someone.


One Response to “Amazed.”

  1. hannahruthie February 14, 2010 at 5:38 pm #

    I love that you got to go sledding! I am trying to picture it, but I’m sure my picture of it is not nearly as fun and hilarious as it actually was. I am jealous of them too. Wow. If only I could speak French that well… someday.

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