17 Mar


Yes, I am a pincher… especially on St. Patrick’s day.

Even though I am not Irish at all by blood line, my wonderful Stepdad is 100% Irish. So I guess you could say that I am Irish by culture.

Growing up in an Irish-American household, with a little bit of Japanese culture thrown in there, makes for an interesting upbringing.

My Mom and Stepdad’s anniversary is on St Patrick’s day so it was always a fun day in our house. We would eat traditional Irish food like mashed potatoes (I am a mashed potato snob. He only makes the BEST mashed potatoes ever.), cabbage (sick), brown bread, and Guinness (well only my dad).

This year, I am in Japan (obviously). Many Japanese people have NO idea what St. Patrick’s day is all about. They don’t even know what it is. I am always decked out in green. Yesterday it was green eye shadow and a green shirt. I went around pinching my fellow coworkers if they didn’t have green on. hehe. But the best part…

I went around pinching my kids. :]

I taught my kids that if you don’t have green on then you will get pinched. So before class started I taught them this. They had so much fun. They were running around the classroom from their friends and one of my kids even got a green marker and wrote on his hand so he would have green on. LOVE IT!

Just a small look into what all my kids will be learning from me.

Snake hand… check
St. Patty’s day pinch… check
Fist pump… next


One Response to “Japanese-Irish?”

  1. hannahruthie March 17, 2010 at 8:43 pm #

    I love this!! When I think of you teaching I think of all the culture that you’re going to give them…. like how you love books about different kinds of stuff and you have posters in different languages. If I was in 1st grade, it would be awesome to have Ms. Flippin as my teacher. for sure.

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