Weekend Events…

21 Mar

Full weekend off… PRAISE JESUS!!!

I normally have to work on Saturday mornings but this week my boss told me that since my kiddos are just watching a movie and it was the last day of school; I didn’t have to go. WOOT.

Lounging around the house is probably one of my favorite things to do. I.love.it.

Maegan and I were going to go shopping for a little bit before we had to meet up with everyone to go to the basketball game. Well upon arriving at the subway station, there was a lot of traffic. This is not normal in our area of town. Then we saw TONS of police cars, firetrucks and ambulances.

The subway caught fire. ahhh.

So thankfully Maegan knows enough Japanese to ask around to see where we need to go. So we got on a bus that was literally packed to the brim with people. So cramped. We finally got to Sendai Station and were able to take the subway the rest of the way.

Basketball game:

My ticket was $30. I had front row seats. It was a pro basketball game. HOLLA. Oh and there were people playing on the Sendai 89ers that were from America. Hi-larious.

The mascot is a lion with a huge head. So funny.

Sunday Shopping:

Jess and I decided that we would venture out and have a little fun. We went shopping… like always. Got some clothes, some random stuff from the $1 store, and went out to eat.

While we were shopping, a guy came up to us and started speaking English. He was nice at first. Asked us where we were from and we told him America. I have never seen someone’s face light up so much. I was instantly nervous. He was from Pakistan. He wanted to know where we live, what we were doing here in Japan and what not… THEN….

He asked me out on a date.

I declined.

I tried to escape… he asked us again… Jessica declined… he asked me one more time. I declined again.

I ran for the escalator.

Then we went out to eat and escaped.

To wrap this all up…

1. Subway fire
2. Pro Basketball game… front row seats
3. Asked out on a date


One Response to “Weekend Events…”

  1. hannahruthie March 21, 2010 at 2:19 pm #

    4. Asked out on a date for the second time.

    OH man. I love hearing about your adventures. ..so glad we got to chat yesterday and that I could hear about all this.

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