Mexican Adventure

3 Apr

My first craving… Mexican food.

For many of you that know me, you know that I don’t really care for Mexican food. Well that changed yesterday. I was needing some Mexican deliciousness.

I asked my friend Maegan what she wanted to do last night and if she wanted to go out for dinner. I asked her what she wanted. She told me, “Do you want to know what type of Japanese food I want or what I REALLY want?” I told her to tell me what she REALLY wanted. haha… Mexican.

One of our coworkers over heard us talking about how much we would LOVEEE to eat a taco or burritos or something delicious. She then told us that we were in luck and there was a Mexican restaurant downtown. We looked at each other and screamed with excitement.

But the only problem… our coworker didn’t exactly know how to get to this restaurant.

Maegan and I decided that it would be fun to go on an adventure and try to find it.

Well we got downtown and wondered around for about an hour before we decided to stop and ask for directions. When we did, we got a place called Pepe Gonzales, not the place that we were looking for, but still Mexican.

We finally find the place. Get into the elevator that takes us up. Open the door and BAM… we just walked straight into Mexico. AMAZING.

I wanted to cry.

We then found out that on Friday and Saturday nights there is a cover charge. We couldn’t leave… we paid $4.00 just to eat at the place PLUS what we ordered.

Beans, enchiladas, a marg and cover charge = $24 of Mexican goodness.

I am one happy camper.

Pepe Gonzales (not on a weekend night) will be my Mexican go to.


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