10 Apr

Well my first three days of teaching… complete. YAY!

The first day was so much fun. Showing my students where to put their stuff and where they will be sitting and so on. At my school the kids don’t find out what class they are in until that day. When my kids found out that they were the Dinosaurs, they CHEERED!! woot! I hope that this means that we are going to have a good year.

Even though I have worked like a mad woman this week to get everything done and accomplished, I feel successful. I think I have worked around 60 hours this week. And that my friends is why teachers are salaried.

Today  we did an iceberg experiment. The kids were sooo excited and thought that the big chunks of ice would sink to the bottom. They cheered when they saw that it floated.

I love my job. Next week we are going to go play at a park. woot.


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