8 May

Wow… I am terrible at updating this thing. I need to be more dedicated.

Since I have last written, many things have happened.

Here are my top ten things since I have last updated:

1. I got sick…. lost my voice. You know… the whole nine yards.

2. Had to use a sick day. bummer.

3. I mailed 10 packages to the USA. They were LONGGGG overdue and I am pretty sure that the lady at the post office hates me now. :] oopsy.

4. I have spent too much money. What have I spent it on exactly? I cannot tell you because I don’t remember.

5. Vacationed in Osaka and Kyoto. I got my picture taken with a geisha. Holla. I rode on a ferris wheel that was on top of a sky scraper. It was possibly the most terrifying thing that I have ever done but it was a lot of fun. I went to a Japanese bath house. This is where you strip down naked and take a shower and then go soak in a mineral bath with about 10 other naked women. They are also about the size of my right thigh. Not to make you feel self conscious or anything. Also on my trip I stayed at a temple. It was so beautiful. I also drank green tea for Buddha’s birthday. Sorry Jesus… I still love you.

6. Survived my first month of teaching… barely.

7. Had my first open house. This is where the parents come and watch you teach. They are just sitting or standing in the room and watching you teach. It is kind of nerve racking because they are there the whole time and you have to be oober nice to the kids. Even the little rascals.

8. I found some pants that were too big. Granted they were mens pants and they fell to the floor when I tried them on because I don’t know how many centimeters around I am so I just guessed. It is always a great feeling when something is too big since almost ALWAYS things are too small.

9. Bought a sake juice box for $1. And it was nasty. I guess that is what I get for $1 sake.

10. I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a $10 jumbo marg that was the size of my hand.

Ok well that is the top ten things of what has happened since I have last updated. I hope I will be better at updating more frequently now that I am in a routine.

Love from Japan.


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