18 May

I have lived in Japan for almost 4 months now. Kinda crazy to think about it. It feels like I just moved here yesterday.

Since moving to Japan things are starting to become “normal” and I don’t see all of the funny things that I first saw. I just want to make a short list of comparisons….

* The sun rises at 4 am. SHOOT ME. I think that the Japanese should consider Daylight Savings.

* The Japanese are very open about their bodies yet they are very conservative too. I would never imagine a parade that was ‘historical’ to include men in thongs beating drums. Weird.

* There is no central heat/air conditioning in apartments. You just heat/cool the room that you are using.

* I play with my kids. In America I would stand and my kids would play. Here I play with them. I throw balls at them, sometimes hitting them in the head, and they love it. They love that they can be silly with their teacher but also learn to listen to me as well. It is all out of respect.

* The shower room. I don’t have a shower curtain. I have an entire room that I can get wet and it is ok. I can only imagine what it is going to be like when I go back to the states. I will want to get EVERYTHING wet. :]

* When you get a lunch from the school… it is usually cold. In America a lunch from the school cafeteria would normally be hot, well here… it is cold.

* You sort all of your trash. I have a schedule taped to my door telling me what trash is picked up each day. On Tuesday it is recycling, Wednesday.. paper, Thursday.. plastics.. Friday household waste. They also have to go in different colored bags. It makes for a great time, not.

* My favorite thing.. the toilet. You can either get a squatty… that is like a hole in the ground and you squat to go pee.. or you can get a western style toilet and that one usually has a seat warmer. Brilliant. I am in love with the toilet seat warmer, especially in the winter time.


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