30 Jun

Culture Shock…

Well I have been in Japan for quite some time now.

I got to see a few of my friends from America a few weeks ago. It was funny to watch them take pictures of vending machines and laugh at the way that people dress or fall asleep on the train. It was also funny to watch them use chopsticks.

These things are all normal to me. They seem like a part of life and I cannot imagine life without it for some reason. I cannot tell you the last time that I used a fork before this morning. I would much rather use chopsticks over a fork.

Vending machines are a way of telling people how to get to your house. Turn right at this vending machine and then take a left at this one and then I’m at the end of the road by the other vending machine. This is true.

Sleeping on the train or subway is a nice way to relax.

With all of that mentioned above, let me continue.

After I got off of the Shinkansen, bullet train, at Sendai Station. It felt like I was home. That feeling of traveling and finally being back to your home town. Yah. I had that feeling. It was kinda weird to feel that way in a foreign country, but it is true. That is how I felt.

I wonder if I will feel that way when I land in Kansas City in 6 months for Christmas?


One Response to “Home.”

  1. hannahruthie June 30, 2010 at 9:30 am #

    I felt that when we were in South Africa a little bit, but even more when I went away to school.
    Coming back from school, I didn’t feel at home when I was at my house. It’s funny how things change. I wonder when my house won’t feel like home at all… when I have a home/apartment of my own. It’s a weird feeling when a new place becomes home.

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