4 Jul

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday.

This has been my 3rd time that I have not be able to celebrate this marvelous holiday IN the USA.

2007: Flying into LA from Hong Kong.

2008: I was in South Africa and we were given 1 sparkler and the restaurant played Born in the USA for us. It was fantastic.

2010: Japan. This year my friend Logan and I decided that we needed to be the party planners and bring all of our American friends together. Logan and I made a cake. It was almost a disaster but then it turned out not looking too bad. See for yourself:

We also bought eggs and fireworks and we paraded ourselves to the park. Of course we were all wearing Red, White and Blue. So you can only imagine all of the stares that we got from the people that drove past us. At the park we had an egg toss. T’was a lot of fun. Then we shot off fireworks. I have also decided that shooting off fireworks is very very dangerous when you have no idea what the firework is supposed to do. But I had fun blowing things up anyway.

I am proud to be an American. Even though most of the time I say that I am ready to abort the USA but it is the mother land. Everyone deep down inside loves the USA.

Today I will be celebrating the 4th of July with my 2nd graders today. I am very excited. :]

Love from Japan,



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