Swimming Pool

1 Aug

My friends found a swimming pool.

Today we ventured there.

Here is the rundown of what happened:

* Everyone must wear a swimming cap. It is like a uh… do rag. It doesn’t keep your hair from getting wet it just keeps your hair, well kinda, from not getting in the pool.

* I bought said swimming cap out of a vending machine. In this machine you could also purchase goggles.

* I bought my ticket to go into the pool out of a vending machine.

* The women’s locker room is on the left… in America it would be on the right. Oh and you have to take your shoes off once you enter the locker room.

* You put all of your stuff in a locker and take your swimming cap and towel out with you. When you are leaving the locker room there is a uh… “pool” that you can walk through to get wet. It looks more like a baptismal.

* Lifeguards… no they are Swimming Staff. They don’t have whistles or life rescue things either. There was actually only 1 Swimming Staff person out to watch the 3 Olympic size pools the entire time we were there.

* There was one slide… it was an elephant and it was only for kids. There was no diving board. The water was only about 4 feet deep.

* There was only 1, yes 1, beach chair.

The staff was very nice and helpful. There was one girl who knew English so she would always be sent to come tell us to get out of the pool for the 10 minute break that was actually only about 3 minutes. The Swimming Staff also would stand around and talk about us. We were quite the sight and I’m sure the talk of the day.

Thank you Japan for a marvelous swimming pool experience. I will be returning on Friday.


One Response to “Swimming Pool”

  1. hannahruthie August 1, 2010 at 8:57 pm #

    As a lifeguard, this terrifies me! ONE lifeguard!!! YIKES! And no whistle?! No guard tube?! I wouldn’t be surprised if the one beach chair was for the one not-lifeguard.

    Also, in America everyone makes sure they have shoes ON in the locker room because they are so gross.

    And I’m loving the vending machines. I think Japanese people love vending machines.

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