Wee Thursday

23 Sep

I think I should name mine Wee-Bit Thursday since I always seem to write it then. :]

{one} what is your happiest childhood memory?

Going to my Nanny’s house and baking with her. We would always make a mess and then we would take a nap and watch Jerry Springer. haha

{two} what is your middle name?


{three} what’s the habit you’re most proud of breaking?

I‘m not really a habit person. I don’t really have a lot of them. I guess caring what other people think of me.
{four} what do you order when you order chinese food?

Sweet and Sour chicken. So heavenly and delicious and full of MSG’s
{five} what’s the best bargain you’ve ever found at a garage sale or thrift store?

The couch that is sitting in front of me. I got it at the second hand store here in Japan. It was Y5,600
{six} what’s the best costume you’ve ever worn?

I think it was in college. My best friends and I dressed up like Rave girls. We were in neon colored clothing and we won the best dressed. Holla!
{seven} who’s your favorite game show host?

bob barker, duh.
{eight} what’s your favorite breakfast food?

Omelets. They have to be made with sour cream and only by my stepdad are they absolutely perfect.
{nine} what’s your least favorite word?

The f word by far. I just hate that word and I hate when people use it for every other word when they are talking. I just feel like it shows that you don’t have a very broad vocabulary.
{ten} describe something that happened to you for which you have no explanation.

I don’t really know. I often wonder how I ended up here in Japan. I knew that I would always live in Japan ever since I was 10 but I always thought that it would be when I was older and I guess older is 23. Who knows.

With love.


One Response to “Wee Thursday”

  1. bahava September 23, 2010 at 8:46 pm #

    2-i love that it is with a y. y’s are just better.
    4-good choice. that was mine before i became a vegetarian.
    8-ha, this sounds so sad and like i don’t eat anything anymore–I do i promise! but before i stopped eating eggs or at least normal eggs. i used to only eat the omelets my dad would make 🙂
    9-swear words must not be in my vocabulary anymore because i totally do not like them but did not even cross my head as a word
    10-yay. glad you’re there 🙂

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