28 Sep

“We are getting a new assistant today.”

This is what is told to me when I walk into work yesterday. My school isn’t the greatest at informing me of things. They really like to “surprise” you.

Our new japanese assistant came in and she met all of us and was working with us. She has a very common Japanese name so we gave her the American name of Mia. She thought that this would be a lovely name.

We were asking her about her family and you know all of that little chit chat that you do when you are trying to figure someone out. Well one of my coworkers asked her if she was married and she said “No, I’m divorced.”

I don’t know why but this took me by surprise. I was shocked to say the least. I think out of all of my time here in Japan she is the first person that I have met who is divorced.

Here in Japan, the divorce rate is 27% compared to America where it is 50%.

I think what shocked me the most was that I just expect everyone here to either be 1. single or 2. married. I think that as an American, hearing that someone is divorced, it doesn’t hurt my heart any more. I have become callused. BUT hearing that someone is GETTING a divorce, that still hurts my heart major.

Maybe I have been in Japan for too long. A country of politeness, perfection, and marriage.


2 Responses to “Divorce”

  1. hannahruthie September 28, 2010 at 10:15 am #

    I don’t think it’s terrible that you were surprised. I know divorce is necessary in some situations, but it is so common in the U.S. that we think it’s normal. It shouldn’t be normal. It’s shouldn’t be: dating, engagement, marriage, divorce, dating.. etc. We’ve just grown accustomed to that. When our hearts are not calloused toward things like this it is easier for us to hurt and break and feel like God does. I wish our hearts were not so calloused about so many things.

    • mallyeryn September 28, 2010 at 10:23 am #

      “I wish our hearts were not so calloused about so many things.”

      Amen sister.

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