6 Jan

Last week I told you that my one word that I would decide to live out by would be, delight.

My friend Alece over at Grit and Glory challenged us to all try to live out one word for the year.

She never expected it to blow up like it has. So far, over 150 people have pledged to live by One Word this year.


That is a lot of people. That is people who have blogs. I also know of other people who don’t have blogs who are trying to live out One Word this year.

If you want to link up on Facebook, we have it over there too.

Anyway… about my word….

I have been thinking about what it truly means to be delight(ful). How do you take delight in everything? Is that more like joy? Does it mean the same thing?

Delight has been constantly on my mind.

If you want to revamp your New Years Resolution, then think about living out One Word this year.


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