2 Mar

Almost a month ago, holy cow I am so behind on blogging, my favorite Japanese sister got married.

If you head over  to my bucket list you will see that I have always wanted to go to a foreign wedding.

I did.

It was awesome. I was so excited that I was able to take part in Yu’s special day.

First my family and I had to travel from Sendai to Tokyo.

Once we were in Tokyo, we checked into our hotel and sat around and drank tea. I’m serious. It is what my Irish family does. After we were done drinking tea we got in a cab that took us to the temple. It was snowing and not the greatest weather out but it was lovely. We started walking up towards the temple and then a lady was yelling at us and pointing another direction. We followed her. Once we were inside the room, we kept telling the people that we were going to be on the Yamaguchi side. No one believed us. Why? Because Yu was marrying a foreigner. Will is from Australia. So, they thought that we were there for him. Once we got that all figured out, we were seated.

Yu came out and she looked beautiful. She was dressed in a traditional Japanese wedding gown. She was wearing a white kimono and was so precious. Here she is sitting waiting for, what we thought was, the ceremony to start.

The shinto priest said a few words and people were talking. We didn’t exactly know what was going on. Then the photographer started taking all of these pictures. Here is a lovely picture of Will and Yu in their formal wedding attire. After all of the pictures, the families were introduced. We did not know that this was just a “meeting of the families”. Next, we headed outside to the temple and the real ceremony started.

In the temple there was incense being burned, a hideous instrument being played, and a priest saying some chants. Before I tell you anymore, let me tell you about this instrument. It was a mix between a kazoo, recorder, and some bagpipes. Oh man it was horrible. I wanted to throw something at the man who was playing it. It was AWFUL! Okay… back to the wedding. So Yu and Will said a few prayers. The father’s of Will and Yu said a few prayers. Will and Yu drank a few things. They exchanged rings and turned around and showed everyone. Then we all had a small sip of sake and the ceremony was over. If you read all of that correctly, you will notice I didn’t mention them kissing. That’s right. There was no “first kiss”. In fact I don’t think I saw them kiss at all the ENTIRE DAY. Gasp.

From the temple we got in another taxi and it took us to the reception. We had to wait for the restaurant to open up. So, we sat in Starbucks and had a cup of tea. Once the restaurant opened up, we had a cocktail party. We were on the 42nd floor of this building. It would have had amazing views of Tokyo, but it was snowing.

Once the cocktail hour was over, we went to the reception. It was amazing. An 8 course meal, or something like that. I was so sick of food by the end of the night. We had 5 glasses. 1 glass for white wine, 1 for red wine, 1 for beer, 1 for champagne, 1 for water. Needless to say… I had to ask for the water glass. I was about ready to do a reverse first miracle and turn my wine into water.

It is tradition that the bride changes out of the white kimono into a big fancy dress. Yu surprised us by asking Caitlin and I to escort her out of the reception. I felt very loved.

This is a marvelous picture of me and my two favorite sisters. I felt so honored that she would ask me and Caitlin to escort her out of her wedding to change into her other dress.

This is the other dress that she changed into. It was beautiful and pink and fluffy. She was so beautiful.

Throughout the entire reception, people were going up to the front table to get pictures with the bride and groom. I was wanting one all night but I didn’t want to impose and I felt silly going up, but I just went anyway. I dragged my sister along as well.

Towards the end of the reception, Will and Yu went around to all of the tables and took a picture with everyone. I was very happy that they did this because I wanted to get a family picture of all of us.

After the dinner reception, there was another party with games and prizes and such. But, we were all so tired that we just wanted to go back to the hotel.

I am so thankful that I got to be apart of this amazing experience. I am so happy that I was able to go to Yu’s wedding and see her on her wedding day.


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