11 Mar

Last week my friend Danielle and I were having a cup of coffee and some breakfast at Starbucks.

We were chatting about who knows what and enjoying the peaceful morning. I love that no matter where I go in the world, Starbucks is like “home”. It makes me feel like I can really relax. I love that I can strike up conversations with my girlfriends here in Japan and it feels just like it would if I was talking to one of my friends in America. I love that the Lord blesses me like that.

While Danielle and I were sitting there, a girl sat down next to us. She but her tray on her table and got all situated and then bowed her head. Danielle and I immediately look at each other with a shocked look on our faces. “Did she just PRAY?” We were so excited that a Japanese person prayed. But then to our disappointment, she was looking at her phone.

Why is it that we were so excited that we thought that she prayed?

This is from Wikipedia: Christianity is a minority religion in Japan, with less than 1% and possibly less than one-half of one percent of the Japanese population claiming Christian belief or affiliation.

In America, it is normal to see people bow their head for a quick prayer. But, the more and more that I think about it, I think that America is starting to become more like Japan.

Shocked that people pray in public.


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