The Quake

21 Mar

11 days after the 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit Japan, I am just now getting around to blogging about it.

Everyone has been telling me to blog about my experience here in Japan during the worst earthquake that they have ever experienced.

I don’t know how I would put all of this into one blog post. I should have been blogging as the time went on but I didn’t have electricity and I don’t have internet except at certain places.


Friday March 11, 2011.

Walking to work was a normal day. I was walking to work with two identical envelopes in my hand. I had one from my mom and one from my Grandma T.

I started working and I went through and organized the cabinets in the office.  20 minutes later I would not know that all of my hard work and organizing would go down the drain or rather out of the cabinets and on the floor.

My friend’s phone started beeping and I asked what it was and she said that it was an earthquake. It was a normal earthquake and then it kept going. I dove under a desk and hit my shoulder really hard. I was looking around and everything was falling out of the cabinets and falling on the floor. The PA system fell off the shelf and on the floor. I looked up and Maegan was not under a desk. I grabbed her arm and pulled her under a desk with me. We were praying that the Lord would protect us and that if it was our time, that He would take us quickly.

People were screaming in our office. The desk was bouncing up and down. I could just hear terror and fear in the office.

After it calmed down we all ran out into the hall and were starting to run out of the door and Esther said that she didn’t know if we needed to go outside and then it started again. We ran out screaming and then it started to snow. We were freezing. A few brave souls ran back into the building to get our jackets. We didn’t know if we would see the building collapse right before our eyes or if it would stay standing.

People were crying and were so unnerved that they didn’t know what to do. I remained calm and I was very surprised. I always thought that I would be crying and unable to calm down. (If you know my fear of tornadoes, this would surprise you.)

I don’t know how long we stood outside. I remember going back into the building and looking at all of the minor damage that was caused by the earthquake. Wallpaper torn, speakers that had fallen off of the ceiling, cd players that had fallen off of the shelf, desks moved all around, water splashed out of the fish tank (the fish eventually died because there was no electricity to keep them warm), the oven had moved away from the wall by 8 inches or so and much more.

I cannot believe that all of that really happened. If this would have happened 1 hour before or 1 hour after, we would have had our little kids here at school. I praise Jesus every day that He knew the time of day to allow this earthquake to happen.

That night, we had brought all of our blankets to the school and camped out. I have been here at the school ever since.

None of this seems real. It seems like I am living in a dream. I know that all of this is possible because the Lord is good. He protects me. He takes care of me. He loves the people of Japan and I believe that this is a wake up call for all of the people in Japan. A wake up call for them to turn to Him. It is their time to love them.



One Response to “The Quake”

  1. hannahruthie March 24, 2011 at 1:34 pm #

    “A wake up call for them to turn to Him. It is their time to love him.”

    Wow. What powerful truth, Mal.

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