18 Apr

Today as I was out shopping at the Daiso, it is like the dollar store but much better, I was walking around thinking about the past month.

Thinking about how the Lord spared my life. How he protected me. How he provided me with food, water and a place to sleep. How I was able to have friends to be with during all that went on. How he provided me with new friends when old friends left.

All I could think about is how thankful I am.

After I was finished I checked out and started to wrap my stuff. Here in Japan, they give you newspaper to wrap your breakables in. I don’t normally look at what is printed on the newspaper but, today I did. My heart felt ripped open all over again. It was pictures of Ishinomaki and Minamisanriku. Pictures of the devastation from the tsunami; people living in the shelters; caskets lined up in rows upon rows.

I was once again thankful all over again. But then, I started asking the Lord… why did you spare my life? Why was I not harmed? Why did I not lose anything? Why did you provide me with food, water and shelter?

Then it all comes back to…

Why did you send your Son to die for me? I am a sinner. I sin every day. I am not perfect. I am not worthy of Christ’s love.

Then I have to remember…

The answer: Because I love you.


One Response to “Really?”

  1. Dawn October 25, 2012 at 7:47 pm #

    And we’re all so very thankful for His grace and mercy upon you during that time … (I’m catching up obviously).

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