Tokyo Trains

31 May

This weekend I went to Tokyo to visit with my Japanese family. It was great.

I have known Yukari since I was 10 years old. She has seen me grow up and I always talked about how I would someday live in Japan and here I am! I love spending time with her and her family. She has 2 little boys, Rui who is 4 and Riku who is 1. Rui loves to talk to me in English and run around the house being silly.

She cooked me some great food and it was good for me to just be away for a weekend. It was very refreshing.

I also got to hang out with my dear friend Hiroko. She is awesome as well. We met up and ate at Hard Rock Cafe and chatted about life. That was also good. :]

But… before and after all of that happened, there was some train drama.

Train drama #1

I decided that I would get off of my Shinkansen at Omiya, the first stop in the Tokyo area, and get on another train that would take me to Yukari’s station. Well… that was just the beginning. I found out that I was able to get off and get onto the right line. I was sitting reading a book about Gladys Alyward. She was a missionary to China from England.

Anyway… I’m reading in the book about how she gets lost on the train and they kick her off of the train and she has to spend the night on the platform.

Well, as I’m reading that, the train that I am on stops. I look around and an announcement is made on the train. Everyone looks around and gets off. I stay seated with all of my stuff. Then a train official comes up to me, points at his watch then to me and then out of the door. I understood that he wanted me off of the train. So, I grab all of my stuff and get off and there I am on the platform. I have no idea where I am or when another train was to come. Finally the man came over to me and told me in Japanese that it would be 14 minutes. So, I sat down with all of my stuff and continued reading my book.

Thankfully another train came. So, I get back on the train. I look at my map and it shows that this line will take me all the way to Yukari’s station. Wrong once again. I get to Kashiwa station and everyone gets off once again. So, I sat there and no one came up to me. Then people get on and we continue on. THEN we end up back at the same station and we are moving in the opposite direction of where I want to be headed. Finally I get off of the train and think that I will go back to Kashiwa and figure out what is wrong. I sent Yukari an email saying that I was lost and she told me that I had to get off at Kashiwa and go up the stairs and back down on the other side of the platform. So… I do just that. sigh of relief.

Train drama #2

I meet my friend Hiroko at Ueno station. I am confident that my train will stop at Ueno and I can get on it to go back to Sendai. Well when it comes time for me to leave, we look at the time schedule and my train is not on it. We go to the station help and they tell us that my train does not stop at Ueno. UGH. So I have to get a new ticket and get a new train. Thankfully Hiroko was there to help me because I would have no idea how to do it. And Japan is just awesome because they gave me my money back because of the price difference even though it was my fault. ^.^ Happy!

So now, I know 2 new things.. 1. get off of the train at Kashiwa 2. check to make sure your train stops at the station you are at. :]


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