4 Jun

One thing that I miss about college is going camping.

Camping in November and freezing our butts off.

Camping in May right before we graduate and declaring “Good Morning Campsite”.

It was a fun thing to do and it wasn’t that expensive since most of us didn’t have a lot of money. We were able to all sleep together in a massive tent, chat out under the stars late at night and grow our friendships even more.

As the weather warms up here in Japan, I just think about all of the great times that I had when I was camping with my friends in college. Thinking that I wish I had a tent and could go camping here in Japan and make some more memories.

But lately, I am camping out in a different way. I have been camping out on God’s goodness and His love. How he is always there and he never leaves us. Even though our situations change and we find ourselves in different parts of the world “camping” out in new situations; the Lord always remains faithful.


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