9 Jun

I feel like I haven’t been updating my pictures as often on the good ole facebook… so I thought that I would write a post instead and include those pictures along with some background information. :]

First let me talk about work:

Every morning I march my way up a massive hill. Some may not believe that it is that big but I was huffing and puffing the first time that I walked up it. Thankfully now I am not so out of shape.

This is the view from the bottom of the hill:

This is the view from the top of the hill. The little pieces of stone are to help cars get traction in the winter time so they don’t slide down the hill.

This is a note from my boss… hilarious!

Here are some of my precious students. :]



Some more sweet children:

Some sweet girls from last year who are now in 3rd grade! Wah!!!

Samantha, Julie and Carla:



Now on to my adventures:

Here are some pictures of my adventure to Tokyo:

Here in Japan they have smoking rooms. Gross but very nice. Except… I was standing right by the exit to the smoking room so all of the nasty smoke was blowing in my face. I had to stand here because I was waiting in line for my bullet train to Tokyo.

This is my precious nephew, Riku, who’s 1 year birthday was the day of the earthquake. He is so precious and I love him to pieces.

My two nephews… Riku and Rui. Rui is 4 almost 5 and he loves to talk to me in English. He is so silly.

I have heard so many amazing things about Ikea that I decided I should go. It was my first time and I was a little overwhelmed. But needless to say I still spent $50. :]

I was told that I should eat the Swedish meatballs. They were a small piece of heaven. Drooling all over again.




On the way back home when I messed up my train, I decided it would be nice to sit below the ground on my double decker bullet train.

My craftiness:

I have also been reading a lot of craft blogs here lately. I decided that I wanted to make my own craft and something to decorate my house. I found this great idea of making a piece of wall decor out of toilet paper rolls. Sounds crazy… but it is awesome.

Before spray paint:

After spray paint:

If you know me at all… you know that I am not crafty. But, maybe I am turning over a new leaf. I mean I like cleaning and cooking now so maybe Japan is turning me into a full blown house wife… except I have no husband and I actually work.

Here are some more random pictures:

I went to the grocery store and I brought my bike because it is much nicer riding back with your groceries than carrying them back… so this is what I looked like….

That’s right… bags hanging off of everywhere. I also had my purse on my arm… and I was actually riding when I took this picture. DANGEROUS.

I have also been getting some love via packages.

I got one from my lovely friend Kevin Switzer.

And I got one from my awesome Japanese sister: Yu Hains.

Well now that this has been an extremely random post, I hope that you have enjoyed my pictures. I should work on updating things more often. :]






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