6 Sep

Last night I was laying in my bed thinking about things.

This weekend my best friend gets married. We have been best friends since we were just days old.

We have spent many years doing life together. From our first crushes, to our first heart breaks, to getting sent to her room because we were being noisy, to getting ready for dances, to graduating high school, going off to college, rooming together in college, to not being friends for a while, to renewing our friendship, crying over many things, to graduating college, to moving away from each other, to me moving to Japan, to her meeting the man of her dreams and falling in love.

I am so incredibly excited for her. This is a day that we have dreamed about since we were 6 years olds.

Then I started thinking about my own life. I started thinking about when will she get to be so excited for me because I will be getting married in just days? What kind of marital wisdom could she give me? Then I started praying.

I prayed that the Lord would help fill this longing in my heart. Then I listened. He said, “Mallory, if you want this to happen, you need to Delight yourself in ME and I WILL give you the desires of you heart. You need to be digging into My Word. I want to be that man for you right now. I am going to prepare you for that.”

It was a great reminder as my heart often feels this way when one of my best friends gets married.

Sometimes I just need reminding. How about you?


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