14 Sep


That is a word that many people don’t like. They don’t like being out of their routine. They don’t like new. They don’t like change.

This year, I have learned to embrace change with open arms. Every day is different for me. Things are always changing.

While I was home this summer, I realized just how much I have changed this year. How drastically different my life is compared to when I went home in December.

I was embarrassed at things that wouldn’t have embarrassed me back in December. I was more conservative. I was more quiet. I listened more. I didn’t understand the conversations that took place because I felt like they were meaningless.

I wanted to talk about the stuff that God was doing in peoples lives. I wanted to hear about how they were following God or how they were struggling and help encourage them. I wanted to be modest. I wanted to hear peoples stories. I wanted to have heart to heart conversations with close family members. I want people to know that God is the only thing that matters in this world.

Nothing else matters.


This morning I was having a conversation with one of my friends about how I long for heaven. I long to just be in the presence of my Creator. I long to see him face to face. But, some people don’t want that right now. They want to be here on Earth spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. I understand.

I want to do that too but more than anything, I want to be WITH Jesus Christ in heaven.



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