9 Nov

According to my lovely stats, this is my 200th post.


I honestly don’t have any idea what I have written about in 200 posts. I hope that people have come to this corner of the web and have read my heart. My heart for Jesus, for loving people, and for the Japanese. I’m sure I have rambled on and on about wanting to get married, my life in Japan, my crazy adventures around the world, and my cute students.

The only thing that I wish I could share with you all is how much I love to laugh. I seriously love it. I love laughing with people and at myself. I find a lot of things funny. I love people that make me laugh. I love animals that make me laugh. I love that the Lord makes me laugh.

One of my friends told me this year that the best way to describe my laugh would be “scream laughing”. He is right. When I laugh…. I slightly scream but I am laughing. It is loud. It can be slightly annoying. And it is a true cackle.

What is something that you love to laugh about? Do you have a video or story to tell me to make me laugh? Please share.

Keep on laughin’ friends.


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