10 Jan

Well it is a new year and I think that it is time for new things to accomplish.

Last year I had these things on my list:

* read through the Bible. Well I certainly read more than I did last year but I didn’t read through the entire thing.

* Do P90X Epic fail

* Go to a state I have never been to. I went to Nebraska for my cousins wedding in August.

* Keep in contact with friends made in Japan Well considering I am still IN Japan, I have kept in contact with a good amount of friends that left.

* Volunteer with an organization  I worked with Samaritans Purse when the earthquake and tsunami happened in March.

* Pay off $7000 in student loans I paid off nearly $15,000 this year. I have no idea how I did it.

* Write to Post Secret fail

* Send more letters I have two wonderful pen pals that I write with on a regular occasion. 

Looking back at my list, I see that I accomplished almost all of them. When I wrote that list, I was planning on moving back to America and not staying in Japan. But now that I have signed myself up for a 3rd year in Japan, I am not sure what this next year holds.

This year, I am having a hard time thinking of things that I would like to accomplish. But here are a few:

*pay off ALL student loans

*learn to knit some gloves

*read a series of books

*work out regularly

*read more of the Old Testament

As I get older, the more and more I think about accomplishing things, the more and more I just want to be in the Lord’s timing. This is where my word for the year comes into action: trust. I have to trust that the Lord’s timing is right and good.

What do you want to accomplish this year?


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