China part 1

23 Jan

I have always dreamed about going to China. I fell in love with the way that it was portrayed through movies and I loved reading about it in books. I always knew that I would go to China and climb the Great Wall but I never knew that I would do it over Christmas.

Over Christmas vacation, my boyfriend and I headed to China. We wanted to climb the Great Wall and see some other things in Beijing. It was a trip that I will never forget.

The first night that we got there, we walked around for almost 45 minutes trying to find our hostel. We were walking down the wrong street. It was horribly cold outside and we had our backpacks. Finally I asked Aaron if he would attempt to hail a taxi for us. This little old man stopped and we weren’t sure what to think of it. Let me try and paint a picture of it for you. It was a man who was probably 60 or so on this scooter. On the back of the scooter was a wooden box. He told us that it would be 10 Yuan for a ride. The box that we got into was seriously SO small and both of us had our backpacks. Thankfully we fit and he brought us to our hotel. It was pretty awesome.

Once we got to our hostel, we met a girl who was staying in our room with us. She had been traveling around China for 10 weeks. She took us out to dinner down the street. We had this delicious noodle soup. You had to pick whatever you wanted and they were all on sticks.


They then made it into a soup. It was so wonderful and spicy!


After all of that madness we headed back for our showers and we were out before 10pm. We felt a little lame but it’s vacation… you can relax and sleep as much as you want.

I’ll post another post about all of the touristy things that we did. Stay tuned. :]


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