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Overwhelming Joy

13 Jan

In December 2007, I had to take out a private loan to help with college.

I only needed to take out $3,000 but I took out $8,000. I wanted to buy a computer and I’m not sure what else I was planing on doing with the extra $5,000. But, the Lord knew.

He knew that I would need that money to go to South Africa for 2 months in the summer of 2008. He knew that I would travel to South Africa to meet two of my best friends, Hannah and Saige.

I thought that I was going to travel to South Africa and maybe meet my husband. But I am so so so so thankful that I met these two wonderful, Godly women. They speak such truth into my life.

Hannah is one of the most wonderful people who I have ever met. She encourages me so much in my faith. She tells me if I am being stupid. She tells me that it is okay to cry. It is okay to have feelings that may seem ridiculous. She dreams with me. We have only ever spent 10 days since South Africa in the same place. We talk MULTIPLE times a day thanks to amazing technology. She makes my heart so joyful. I love her so stinking much.

Saige is my twin. She is all kinds of random. We can chase dreams. We Facebook stalk. We text each other at hours of the morning that are ungodly and have beautiful conversations. We love to watch stupid videos. We love a good type scream laugh. We have only seen each other 2 times since South Africa but we chat all the time. It is like I never even left America. I am soooooo thankful for her.

In March, I am hoping to finish paying off that loan. It is bittersweet. Where I have come from since taking out that loan to where I am now. Where these relationships have started and where they are now.

Thank you Jesus for letting me take out that extra $5,000. I wouldn’t trade those two girls for the world.


10 Years

9 Sep

This time 10 years ago, I was discussing with my friend about my salvation. We were both wondering if we were really saved or of it was satan just making us doubt.

It was high attendance Sunday at my church. I had invited a lot of my friends to go to church with me. My friend, that I was talking about my salvation with, was there and she told me that she knew that she was a Christian. I on the other hand wasn’t so sure.

I was sitting on the blue couch in the youth room. My youth leader gave a great lesson on believing and trusting the Lord with all that we have. One of the youth helpers, Laura, got up to give the plan of salvation. She gave the prayer and everything. I prayed to the Lord with all that I had. I admitted that I am a sinner and that I am not perfect. I believe that Jesus is the son of God and he died on the cross for my sins. I then confessed that I wanted to make Jesus the Lord and Savior of my life.

It was at that moment, that I gave my life to Jesus. I knew that I was saved. The Lord had saved me from the depths of Hell and from eternal suffering.

It was September 9, 2001.

I felt funny because I didn’t know what to do even though I did know what to do. I didn’t want people to think that I was being a fake Christian or whatever. Well, during the altar call, I went up front. I told my pastor that morning in Sunday school, I gave my life to Christ. He was totally surprised. He didn’t know what to think. My mom was in the kitchen cooking a meal for all of us to eat after service. She came up and she didn’t know what to think either. It was a total shock to everyone.

Today, I am 10 years old in Jesus. It has been a rough 10 years, but the Lord is forever faithful and he has pulled me through lots of hard times. I know that it isn’t easy to be a Christian and things aren’t perfect, but this was THE most important day of my life.

I pray that if you aren’t a Christian and you have questions about what I am talking about, please feel free to email me or leave a comment.

Jesus is waiting for you to let him come into your life.

3 Sep

Well hello my friends.

It has been quite some time since I have posted on here.

Lately, I have been enjoying my time at home with loved ones. I have been soaking it all up so, I have forgotten about my blog. Just being honest.

Things that I love about being here in America with my family; My sister coming into my room and jumping on my bed, like a crazy person, for 30 seconds or more before we even say a word to each other. Getting to pet and love on my cat whenever I want. Having home cooked meals (I haven’t cooked a meal in almost 3 weeks :]). Sleeping in my marshmallow bed. Seeing all of my wonderful friends. Telling people about how Jesus changed my life this year and in a way that I was totally not expecting. Hearing amazing testimonies of friends coming back to Jesus.

As all of those things are truly wonderful but, I miss Japan. I miss the wonderful people who I work with. I miss my dear friend Danielle more than words can say. I miss Sunrise Court 203. I miss all of my precious students saying, “Ms. Maroli”

Why do we always have to be missing something? Why can’t we be content in our current situation? Don’t get me wrong, I love being here in America. But no matter where I am in the world, I will be missing something or someone.

The answer is that this Earth is not our home. Our home is in Heaven.

And today, I am longing for heaven.

Best Friends

25 Aug

This past week has been a whirlwind of crazy.

I got to spend this past week with two of my dearest friends, Hannah and Saige.

They flew into Kansas City to spend a week with me. I feel blessed that they would do that.

We had so many fun times. Some of those great times are: shopping in random stores, painting our fingernails, spooning in bed, laughing at hilarious cat videos, playing with my Japanese nephews, sunning our selves, swimming, riding around in my dads truck and frequenting Sonic.

While they were here I also realized that I am turning into an old lady. Last Friday night Saige decided that she wanted to get her nose pierced and Hannah on a whim decided to get her belly button pierced. I on the other hand just sat there, with my dear friend Melanie, and though of all of the ways that I could use the money that they were spending on theirĀ piercings.

It was so much fun having those two here. I feel so blessed to call them some my best friends.



11 Aug

I have been back in America for a week now.

There are many things that I find much different from when I was home in December.

Here are some more things that I am noticing this time around.

1. Every time I go to sit on the toilet… I feel like I am going to fall down. It just seems way lower than the toilets in Japan. Also… I always feel like I slam the toilet seat cover when I put it down because the one in my apartment is S.L.O.W.

2. Sometimes I get really nervous when I am in the car and I see a car make a left turn. I always think that they are going to smash another car head on. SCARY.

3. I confused people even when I talk in English. I forget words. I then end up rambling on and on about something because it is so exciting to be able to talk about whatever I want with whoever.

4. At church on Sunday, I was having a hard time singing the songs. I wasn’t moving my mouth fast enough and I wasn’t opening my mouth. I guess I have gotten used to singing songs in Japanese and English… but the English is slower.

5. I was watching television with my sister the other day and she was wanting to skip through all of the commercials. I told her to stop. I haven’t seen them so it was fun to watch them. WHO AM I? I always hated commercials.

This weekend I get to hang out with my bff and my two other bffs come into town next week.

I need to start taking some pictures. :/



1 Aug

As time grows closer to returning to America, my heart and brain are thinking about what I am going to say and do to respond to people.

A lot of people don’t understand why I am here in Japan for a second year. They don’t understand the love that I have for the Japanese. They don’t understand that my heart longs to see my Japanese friends come to know Christ.

When I was 15 years old, I felt the Lord telling me that I need to surrender my life to foreign missions. If this means telling people about Jesus for the first time or helping evangelize an area, I will do it. I know that I am not called to live the American dream in America. I don’t feel called to live in America. I don’t want to live in America.

I understand that people miss me and they want me to be close to them. But, to be very honest, I am tired of hearing “come home”.

I am home.

Home is Sendai, Miyagi, Japan.

So, if you feel like I should be in America, I want you to really pray about it. Pray that the Lord would help you understand why I am here in Japan. I will be praying that the Lord would be with you and that he would help you understand as well.


8 May

Today is Mother’s day.

A day that I have never been good about remembering or I don’t know what to get my mom.

This year I feel extra blessed to call my mom MY mom. I feel like I owe her something big.

She has been with me through many things in my life. She has been cheering me on in many of life’s hard situations. Situations like staying in the middle of a natural disaster.

She told me to STAY in Japan and help out. When everyone else’s mom was telling them to come home and get away from the nuclear situation that had everyone in panic, my mom was calm. She had peace about me staying.

I think about this situation and how she gave me up and knew that I was risking my life staying here. And how I could possibly get radiation poisoning from the Fukushima plant if it had gotten worse. But she knew all of this because she had peace from God. She knew that I was risking my life for the sake of the Gospel. Staying here to show to my Japanese friends that I love Japan and that I wouldn’t run away when times were tough. By staying it shows them that I care. I care about them because I want them to come to know the peace that my mom has in Christ.

My mom is the best. I love spending time with her. I miss her dearly and I look forward to our weekly Skype chats. If they are only for 20 minutes or if they are for an hour and a half. I love laughing with her. I love sipping Irish tea with her. I love talking about funny moments.

My mom is one of my best friends.

I know that there will be more Mother’s Days to come and I won’t get to spend it with my mom. So, every time I get to talk to my mom via Skype or email, I soak it all in.

If you are able to spend time with your Mom on this Mother’s Day, love on your mom a little more just because I cannot physically be with my Mom on this special day.

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