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14 Jun

I have been walking with this word for over 6 months now.

These six months haven’t been easy. They have been anything but that. They have been HARD.

I trust people easily but over time and as I get older, I don’t let people know the real me. I put up a wall. I don’t let them know my story.

This year I have made the choice to trust people who are close to me. It has been hard. I have had to trust them with the deep dark places of my heart. Places that I don’t even want to bring my own mind to.

Trusting these people with my pain has been hard. But it has also been very rewarding and freeing. They have walked with me through the hurt and told me that things will be okay.

Trust isn’t easy but it is getting easier.

Even though I didn’t want to choose this word, I knew that the Lord had this in mind so that I could heal of the hurts in my life.

Thank you friends for letting me tell you my hurts.

I love you all dearly.



22 Apr

The past month of my life has been quite a whirl wind. One of exposing my heart, locking my heart back up, learning to trust and learning to be quiet.

It has also been one of healing. Healing of past hurts that I have carried around with me for 3 years. Hurts that I haven’t told many people. Hurts that I didn’t know affected me as much as they did. Hurts that I had to learn to trust that the Lord would heal me of. And, He has. He is always faithful.

I wrote this person an email and told them how much they hurt me and how much it has affected my life. I didn’t want to write this email, but I knew that I had to and I had to forgive this person. Colossians 3:13 says this: “Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.”

If Christ can forgive me of all of the sins that I commit daily, then I can surely forgive that person of what they did to me. I was holding on to it for so long and I felt like a black cloud was looming over my head. One of my friends challenged me to get rid of it and to just let go.

Ever since I wrote that email, I have felt free. Free from that hurt. Free from the burden of sin. Free. Free. FREE.

I want to challenge you, if you have anyone to forgive, I ask that you do that. Don’t hold on to it. Let it go. It isn’t yours to have anymore.

Christ calls us to be free.



In His timing

13 Mar

In my life, many people have told me to trust in the Lord’s timing.

Over the past year, I have really learned this. I am learning it even still to this day. It will be something that I will think about all the time.

Trust that the Lord is preparing me for my husband. Trust that the Lord is preparing my husband for me. Trust that His timing will be perfect.

His timing will be perfect.

Not mine. If anything, I am learning to have patience. Being patient in situations that I wish I could control but I have to give it daily to the Lord. He is the one who controls time. He is the one that pushes me in the right direction. He is the one that will give me peace. He is the one that will show me that His timing is perfect.

In His timing…


4 Feb

When I picked my word, trust, for 2012, I didn’t know what exactly I was getting myself into.

I didn’t know that it would bring up stuff from my past. I didn’t know that I would learn so much about who I am today because of my past. I didn’t know that it would rock my world just a month in.

Sharing part of your past with someone is scary. Especially if it is something that you haven’t told many people. Something that hurts. But, also something that you have pushed so far to the back of your mind that you forget about it.

The Lord has told me that it is time to start trusting people. People that I know that will protect my heart. These people  friends are people who I have come to trust with my heart. People that I know that love me and won’t bring harm to my life. People who will tell me that it is okay and that it will be alright.

I knew that trust was a super scary word but I didn’t know just how scary it is. Being a planner and a person who likes to have control over things, trust means that I have to rely on someone else.

I have to let people in. 

How do you deal with trust? How do you deal with telling people about the black clouds in your life?


10 Jan

Well it is a new year and I think that it is time for new things to accomplish.

Last year I had these things on my list:

* read through the Bible. Well I certainly read more than I did last year but I didn’t read through the entire thing.

* Do P90X Epic fail

* Go to a state I have never been to. I went to Nebraska for my cousins wedding in August.

* Keep in contact with friends made in Japan Well considering I am still IN Japan, I have kept in contact with a good amount of friends that left.

* Volunteer with an organization  I worked with Samaritans Purse when the earthquake and tsunami happened in March.

* Pay off $7000 in student loans I paid off nearly $15,000 this year. I have no idea how I did it.

* Write to Post Secret fail

* Send more letters I have two wonderful pen pals that I write with on a regular occasion. 

Looking back at my list, I see that I accomplished almost all of them. When I wrote that list, I was planning on moving back to America and not staying in Japan. But now that I have signed myself up for a 3rd year in Japan, I am not sure what this next year holds.

This year, I am having a hard time thinking of things that I would like to accomplish. But here are a few:

*pay off ALL student loans

*learn to knit some gloves

*read a series of books

*work out regularly

*read more of the Old Testament

As I get older, the more and more I think about accomplishing things, the more and more I just want to be in the Lord’s timing. This is where my word for the year comes into action: trust. I have to trust that the Lord’s timing is right and good.

What do you want to accomplish this year?

That little word

2 Jan

When I was in youth group we had lots of “team building” games on retreats and at camp. One of those games was the Trust Fall. Everyone lines up in two lines and links their arms together. Another person stands on a chair or a table and then literally falls back and has to trust that the people that they don’t know is going to catch them.

I always hated that game.

It is not that I don’t trust people, it just annoyed me. When people wouldn’t fall back and would chicken out.

But then I started thinking.

Isn’t that what I do with God? Don’t I “chicken out” at times? Do I really believe that he has everything in control?

Back in March 2011, when the big earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, I was given an opportunity to get out of Sendai. I chose not to. I asked God what He wanted me to do. I knew that the Lord would give me a quick answer because I only had 20 minutes to decide if I wanted to stay or if I wanted to go. I remember his answer: trust me.

YIKES. Okay… I will Lord, I will trust you. That also tied into my word of the year… delight.

So as 2012 is underway, I am choosing the word Trust.

The verse that I am going to focus on this year is Proverbs 3:5-6

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight”

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