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Snapshot Sunday

14 Nov


I forgot to post a picture or two yesterday. But yesterday was CRAZY! I left my house at 7:30 am and I didn’t get back for the day until midnight. O.0

Yesterday we had open house. I am not a huge fan of open house EVERY MONTH but I guess whatever, that is how life is. This open house we made Harvest Soup. Yes, I cooked with my kids AND in front of my parents. It all turned out well. Only one of my student’s didn’t like it but she doesn’t like anything.

On Friday we boiled all of the vegetables and yesterday our kids cut them up. They had a lot of fun.

Mr. Anthony cutting up some pumpkin.

Yesterday we also had a staff party. There were group games and my team came in 2nd! WOOT!

One of the games that we got to play was dressing one of our teammates up in clothes as fast as possible.

My boss is on the right. A clown with cowboy boots and a gun. Great combo.

Photo courtesy of Hope.

Logan and me at the party. Oh and a lovely photo bomber named Kelsey.

My lovely friend Melanie.

After the party Maegan and I decided that we wanted to go galavanting around. So we went to the movies and we were super excited that there was more than one movie in English! We decided to watch Night and Day. Not too bad. But before the movie we were sitting in the car and then Maegan tells me she wants to call her friend so she got OUT of the car to talk to her friend.

Who gets out of the car to take a phone call?

Only Maegan.

Proof of her standing outside talking on the phone.



Okay well that was quite a few pictures but next week, I might have more.

So get ready. :]


Snapshot Saturday

6 Nov

I always love going to new countries and finding funny things that are totally opposite of America.

Like at work, there is no problem with copyright laws. You just sick a piece of paper over that and then photo copy it and pass it out for your children to use. Voila!

The other day I was walking through a drug store, it was kind of like Wal-greens, and I happened to find some movies. I was then reminded that they would not play in my computer or on a DVD player unless I bought one here. AKA too much work.

Then I looked a little closer and this is what I saw…

Yes, that is a photocopied version of Disney’s Cinderella and Peter Pan. Except… it is a burned version AND you can get it for 350 yen. AKA about $5.00.

I find it quite hilarious because it most countries, this would be in the back alley. But here in Japan, it is just in your local drug store.

It’s Japan.

Snapshot Saturday

9 Oct

Well it is Saturday again. I just look a lovely nap and this weekend I have 3 WHOLE DAYS OFF!

It is more like a vacation since I am used to only getting 1 day off.


Last Sunday I ventured to Seiyu. It is pretty much Walmart but not as amazing.

I decided that I wanted to make hummus and so I had to find chick peas. I didn’t know how all of that was going to go down but thankfully my friend Maegan, she is so brave, asked a family. After about 30 minutes of charades and literally running all over the store, we found some.

Here is a lovely picture of me after that adventure. I took the picture to document this event AND to remember what the can looks like. :]

This week I also received my first apple as a teacher.

Carla came running in and she told me that she got it for me.

She is so funny. She loves to smell me and she tells me that I smell like America. Even though she has never been to America and I wash my clothes with Japanese laundry detergent. HA!

Here is a picture of Carla and I with my first apple.


I hope to see some pictures of your adventure this week!

Let me some lovin’,


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Snapshot(s) Saturday

2 Oct

I have decided that here on my blog that I will dedicate Saturday’s to a few snapshots.

Snapshots of things that have meaning.

Things that have impacted my life.

This is Sylvia. This little girl means so much to me. She is a handful at times but she is one of the funniest and sweetest children that I have ever met in my life. I love her to pieces.

This little girl is Anna. She is one of a kind. This picture is so powerful. She is one of the girliest girls that I know. She is afraid to do almost anything scary. BUT she will hunt for hours at a time for grasshoppers, frogs, and crickets.

What picture is on your heart today?

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