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20 Jan

Here lately, God has been kicking me in the pants and well… it hurts.

On Sunday morning I sat in my “assigned” pew and listened to my pastor talk about Different Values. How we as Christians are set apart from God and how we should be different from the world. You know, all of that stuff that I have heard before.

He got me when he said, “People get confused about Jesus Christ. All other religions are about DO. Our religion is about DONE.”

It got me thinking, this is so true. Everyone who is not “practicing” Christianity are trying to be the best that they can be so that they will please their god or have enough of whatever. But Christianity is about Christ. Christ was the sacrifice that we needed. He did that for us, for all of eternity. DONE.

When I accepted Christ to be my Lord and Savior, I traded in my old life for this new one in Christ. So this means that Jesus is living in and through me. But is He really? Do I act like Christ would? Do I say things that glorify Christ? Do I proclaim Jesus’ name to other people?

My pastor said that in order to be dead to sin and alive in Christ he thinks of it as being dead like a corpse but having a new life.

So when I am tempted to gossip, I need to remember that I should be dead to that because that is of my old life without Christ and then think about what Christ would do. Would He stand there and not say anything and continue listening to the gossip? Or would He say that that is not bringing glory and honor to His name?

I know this is cliche but WWJD?

This week I challenge you to: Speak a word of blessing instead of a curse.


Cake and Jesus

28 Oct

Last week seemed to be a success. I’m glad that everyone enjoyed that lovely video that I posted. 🙂 I will be sure to find more for all of you.

This week:

This site is hilarious. It is exactly that.. cake wrecks. Sometimes I don’t think that people are really using their heads when they think something is a good idea but then… it turns out bad. ENJOY!

~ Ellen. Holy Moses… she is stinking hilarious. I know that it has been about 2 years since this video was aired, but sometimes you need to be reminded of the hilariousness that comes from this show. Watch this video… I PROMISE… it is not gross. I love Jesus but drink a little. And I think that we can take away a lot of great ideas from this lady.

~ laughing. If you haven’t laughed today, you need to watch that video. Laughing is one of my most favorite things to do and if I haven’t laughed all day long, something is VERY wrong with me.


Ok well enjoy and let me know what you think!



need a good laugh?

21 Oct

Well here is week number two. How did everyone like last weeks recommendations wcommendations? Let me know what you think.

This week on Wcommendation Wednesday..

^ that is pure genius. WARNING… there are some gross pictures BUTTTTTT hilarious ones as well. Go and be amazed.

#2 this video on youtube. WARNING… it is extremely disgusting buttttttttttttt you cannot help but keep watching. I’m sorry… this is the gross and disturbing part of me that some of you are getting to know. 🙂

#3 All of you ladies out there that do not like to shave your legs, myself included. You need to invest in an electric razor. This thing works wonders. It won’t get your legs as smooth as possible BUTTTTTT it sure is nice to watch tv and shave your legs at the same time. ANDDDD there is no water, soap or shaving cream. It is pure magic.

Wcommendation Wednesday

14 Oct

Here recently, I have realized that there are a lot of things that I need to share with people. Things that I have been discovering and that they are sometimes overlooked or not even thought of. I have decided that every Wednesday from here on out (please don’t get mad if I don’t make it for EVERY Wednesday) I will be recommending or Wcommending two things that people need to try or look at.

Ok so here it goes….

For the first item that people need to be exposed to is:

This site is HILARIOUS and it will put you in a good mood throughout your day and/or make your day. It will also get you thinking about things that you could possibly post on the site.

Number 2:

Ok so I work at Starbucks and if you have been hiding in a shell or under a rock, we now have INSTANT coffee. Ok there is NO need for people to get all snooty until you try it. It is called VIA. We have Italian Roast and Columbia. You can have them in hot water or cold water, BUT what you REALLY need to try is putting one of these in some chocolate milk and BAM you have yourself an iced mocha.


If you would like to purchase some lovely VIA you should come to the Starbucks store on 39th Street and purchase some.

I sound like a snooty coffee snob, ok well I am, but I know that sometimes I really want some coffee but I don’t want to make an entire pot, this is EXCELLENT for this.

I hope that you take the time over this next week and let me know what you think about these two wcommendations!!

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