Extreme Dislikes

rudeness, tubular meat, when the internet doesn’t work, meatloaf, anything that is “sloppy” like sloppy joes or meat slop, being sick, shaving my legs, alarm clocks, when my pillow gets hot, people who tailgate, drivers that put my life in danger when I am riding in their car, when the toilet paper is coming from behind instead over the top, dirty public bathrooms, when people cannot pronounce the size of cups properly at Starbucks, tobacco of any kind, TORNADOS!, HLGU cafeteria food, people who glare at me, people who think that they can’t do anything, Obama, drugs, when I go to the airport but I am not going anywhere, snakes, the woman doctor, child abuse, slow computers, sweating, getting cold right after I have shaved my legs and then they are prickly again, when my nail polish chips, no coffee, no kerosene in my heater, miscommunication, when people don’t text back, when my car is dirty on the inside, the sound of my dog licking and sex trafficking.


2 Responses to “Extreme Dislikes”

  1. hannahruthie July 29, 2009 at 9:07 pm #

    first off, there are 3 references to meat in the beginning. perhaps you should consider vegetarianism.
    second, I like that HLG cafeteria food and sex trafficking are mentioned in the same list.
    third, why don’t you like the woman doctor? men doctors are weird and disturbing.

  2. alece August 24, 2009 at 3:36 pm #

    i can’t stand the noise of… hmmm… how do i describe it? like stirring a casserole, or mixing up saucy spaghetti… any kind of moist (heebie jeebies at that word even) mixture… blech. i cannot stand the noise. it gives me the willies. i have to leave the room. or laugh. those are my two options.

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