Paco my love, my apple computer, root beer, friends, coffee, Dog the Bounty Hunter, coloring, Carrie Underwood, words of inspiration, texting Saige a roo, missions, Fall days, Seattle, Washington, shopping, baked beans, dancing, candles, pearl earrings, weddings, cake, singing for Jesus, driving with the windows down, love stories, donuts, daisies, my Hannah Ruthie, school supplies, holding hands, my kerosene heater, French rap, hair accessories, warm blankets, Roachy, my queen sized bed when no one else is sleeping in it with me, scream laughing, photography, brisket but only prepared by my amazing step-dad, Starbucks, sun dresses, learning, languages, Africa, laundry, getting mail, children, ZEBRAS, deviled eggs, the ice cream man, traveling, my long hair, getting things written on the bottom of my cup at Starbucks, crosswords, Japan, people watching, stalking, my electric razor, beards and playing my violin when it is NOT out of tune.


2 Responses to “Likes”

  1. hannahruthie July 29, 2009 at 9:12 pm #

    1. Do you like Seattle, WA or Seattle AND Washington?
    2. What in the world is Dog the Bounty Hunter? It reminds of Star Wars and paper towels.
    3. Who or what is Roachy? I feel like this has been mentioned in light conversation but I can’t remember…
    4. I’m sure there will come a day when you will hate to have a queen size bed all to yourself. Enjoy it now.
    5. I’m glad you capitalized ZEBRAS. It is absolutely necessary considering that is how you react when you see them.
    6. Starbucks AND coffee made it on the list. VERY nice.
    7. I was not mentioned. :[ You must make a “Loves” page.

  2. mallyeryn July 29, 2009 at 9:19 pm #

    1. I like both
    2. Dog the Bounty Hunter is an AMAZING tv show on A&E and it is true amazingness!
    3. Roachy is my pet. He is a cockroach that sits on my desk.
    4. True. But I have ALWAYS liked my room, even though I do enjoy cuddling.
    5. YES. Exactly.
    6. HOLLA… because Starbucks is not the god of coffee… there is as equally good coffee in other places.
    7. Deal! Maybe tomorrow I will make that list.

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