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15 Jul

I love the community that you can build via twitter and blogging these days.

You chat with people who you have never met in person, but you feel like you have known them for a really long time.

Through this blog, I have “met” people who are truly amazing. People who I would have dreamed to be years older than me but they are actually younger than me and have so much wisdom and faith in the Lord.

One of those people is Lexi Mackinnon.

She is fantastic. She is 22 years old and is moving to Uganda, Africa in September to start her own ministry, Muzunga Momma Ministries.

This ministry is a part of Uganda that is known for being rough. They have very high poverty rates and there are a lot of orphans.

This is a video that Lexi made to help people know more about what is going to be happening with MMM.

I would ask that after watching the video, that you would read this post that Lexi wrote breaking down all of the needs that need to be met over this next year.

If you know how much I love Africa and children, please consider giving to MMM. It would truly bless my heart and these children. These children need to know about the love that Jesus Christ has to offer and what it is like to live in a loving home.

Thanks friends!


You Said

5 Feb

Tonight while chatting with some friends online ,and trying not to burn down my house by attempting to cook something; I came across this song…

This song takes me back to Africa. Driving from the mission base to Qwa Qwa. (And I have to say it with the clicks.)

Looking out over all of the houses that the government had built and smelling the grass burning.

Seeing all of the trash on the side of the road while we drove through Qwa Qwa; this song was still playing.

It plays tonight and all I can think about is Africa.

How much I miss her. How much I miss her people. The love. The community. The culture.


8 Dec

Tonight I am letting my heart sing this song.

The Lord knows that singing to Him in any language is beautiful.


Simply beautiful.


2 Dec

I have been thinking about this for a while now.

The one place that I want to be right now, besides home in America with family, is in Africa.

I want to experience more of her culture.

I want to be “home”.

When I went to Africa 2.5 years ago, I fell in love.

I fell in love with the people.

I fell in love with the realness that is happening.

I fell in love with how much passion they have.

I fell in love and I want to go “home”.


Peeping Mosotho

15 Jul

One year ago today I posted this on my blog while I was in South Africa. I thought that everyone would want to revisit this HILARIOUS day with me…. Enjoy!

On Monday my team was at a church and we were instructed to go in pairs. My friend Joe and I decided to go to the restroom together… here is what happened…

This is from Joe’s blog… so the boy version of the story.

Arriving back at the church for lunch I had to use the bathroom. Considering we are in South Africa and toilet paper is not normally found in the facilities we had only brought one to use with us. Well considering the male and female restrooms are close to each other Mallory and I headed to the bathrooms together. We had to go in pairs and we we’re the only two that needed to use the bathrooms. After Mallory cracking jokes about how her door does not have a latch on it and anyone could just push it open we went to the bathroom. When I was getting ready to prepare myself to go to the bathroom I suddenly saw a dark figure appear in the window. Startled and speechless I slowly backed away from the toilet and pushed the girl’s bathroom door opened to tell Mallory that there was someone peeping in the window at us. All of a sudden the figure appeared in her window and we both screamed at the top of our lungs ( I actually think that I screamed louder than Mallory, go figure). After watching the figure scurring away in fear of our screams we decided it was safe to use the bathroom. Well we decided that we should do it in shifts. Mallory would go first and I would hold the door closed for her and we would then switch. Right as I was closing the door for Mallory the figure appeared in the window again. Face pressed tightly against the window. Yes, loud screams erupted from the bathrooms as we bolted out towards where everyone was sitting outside. Yelling that there was a peeping tom outside the bathrooms watching us use the toilets. The older guy that was with the team that is here and our translator ran around the church and saw the guy walking away from the area and just sat down… almost waiting for us to leave so he could do it again. So we ended up getting to go but only because a group stayed at the back of the bathrooms so no one would peep in. Creeper! Seriously this man was like 20-30 and was totally scary.

I thought that this was an interesting story that everyone would love to hear about. Of course this would happen to me. 🙂

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