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おたんじょぉび おめでとう ございます

9 Mar

Today is my 24th birthday here on this Earth but it is my 2nd here in Japan.


For a few years now, I always thought that 24 would be a great age. Not too young, not too old. Oh man… so far 24 has been rocking or should I say shakin?

Here is a run down of the day…

First I wake up and it is nice and toasty in my room because I forgot to turn the heater off last night. (score!) I talk to my daddy on skype for a few minutes. I do my usual Facebook stalkin, blog reading and tweeting. Around 9:00 I head over to Ms. Daniella’s house for some muffins and coffee. There was an added bonus of Captain Crunch cereal as well thanks to Maegan. At 10:00 I come back to my place, play on my computer some more. I decide that I should probably get what I want to wear out incase I have to iron anything. I pick out a cute green dress and iron it. My mom calls and I talk to her and the family for a while. I hang up with them.

I turn on the water for my shower to heat up the shower room.


I walk back into my room. I stop and look around. I stopped moving but I am still moving. I look at my curtains and my mirror. Everything in my house is shaking and it is getting stronger and stronger. I realize that it is an earthquake and I lay down next to my bed for the triangle of life position. It went on for a good 2-3 minutes. It was the strongest and longest one that we have had since I have lived here.

I get ready for school and yadda yadda yadda.

At school I walk into the office and everyone yells “Happy Birthday”. I don’t know if it is just me but I always turn bright red when this happens. Also, when they sing Happy Birthday with cake. That was also included thanks to Becky Todd. (love her)

My children come and I get some cute cards, chocolate, and some awesome hand cream.

While I’m sitting in the office a mini blizzard happens outside. Holler!

After work, Maegan, Logan and myself head over to get some Indian food noms. Nom nom nom is what we did. Mango lassi, chicken curry and some DELICIOUS nan, oh and some free cheese nan. bingo! OH and since I am the birthday girl we went to Starbies as well.

On the way home we were driving in the Bluebird (our car) and Logan tries to stop the car but um… we didn’t stop. Thankfully the car in front of us moved so we didn’t hit them. It made a really loud crunching sound. Just imagine the sound of the brakes on your car about go to out… yah… that is what it sounded like.

Now, I am safely home in my bed, thinking about how marvelous it is going to be to go to sleep.

I think that by the way that my 24th birthday has gone, I think that it will be an adventurous year.



13 Mar

Well since I have not posted in a really long time… aka 10 days, I need to update you all on what has happened in my life here in Japan.

This past week I celebrated my birthday. It was a fun time of celebration but also kind of weird since I was not around my family. But, I had a fun time. My friend Logan, her birthday was the day after mine.

Since Logan and I and two other people all celebrate our birthdays in March, we went out/reserved an entire restaurant for our party on Friday. It was the best party ever!!! I had so much fun! Hamburgers, pizza, little sausages, salad, and french fries. HOLLA. It was good.

Logan and I also wanted to go out on Saturday night as well. We went to this place that had udon noodles. This was another game of charades. Trying to ask the girl what was the meat in the rice. We finally found out that it was chicken. We had a nice little meal. Then we decided to treat ourselves to Starbucks.

We sat in Starbucks for a good hour or so. We were doing some people watching. (It is even better here since they don’t know what we are saying. :] ) In the midst of people watching we were watching these guys but up some plastic wrap or something. Then there was a shaking noise/motion. I thought that the guy had dropped the huge roll of plastic wrap.

I was wrong.

Then the windows started shaking violently and everyone in Starbucks stop talking. It shook for about a good 45 seconds. I know that that does not sound like a very long time, but when the whole building and every where around you is moving, it is pretty scary/ cool. hehe.

The wind was blowing so hard too so it made it even more like a scary movie.

When we got back to my apartment, we found out that it was a 5.4 earthquake. Where I live it was only 4.

So, in the 5 almost 6 weeks that I have lived here, I have experienced a Tsunami and an Earthquake.

It is weird that I am already looking forward to my next earthquake?

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