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Things to do…

27 Jul

So while I’m not at work, I’m trying to think of some things to do to keep my time occupied…

1. Cleaning… well this only goes so far until things are spotless..

2. Reading… I am saving my book for the lake this weekend. HA.

3. TV… booo not much is on during the day.

4. ??

I would appreciate your opinions… What do you do to fill your time when you are bored?



30 Jun

Well I have now been home and graduated from college for almost 2 months now. andddddd I still don’t have a job where I can work and make some money and be paying off my school loans.

Why does no one want to hire, me, a college graduate? I mean I don’t leave the country for another almost 7 months. I can work and I don’t do anything put sit in my room all day and watch endless episodes of The First 48 Hours.


I feel like my life has no purpose right now. boo.

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