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14 Sep


That is a word that many people don’t like. They don’t like being out of their routine. They don’t like new. They don’t like change.

This year, I have learned to embrace change with open arms. Every day is different for me. Things are always changing.

While I was home this summer, I realized just how much I have changed this year. How drastically different my life is compared to when I went home in December.

I was embarrassed at things that wouldn’t have embarrassed me back in December. I was more conservative. I was more quiet. I listened more. I didn’t understand the conversations that took place because I felt like they were meaningless.

I wanted to talk about the stuff that God was doing in peoples lives. I wanted to hear about how they were following God or how they were struggling and help encourage them. I wanted to be modest. I wanted to hear peoples stories. I wanted to have heart to heart conversations with close family members. I want people to know that God is the only thing that matters in this world.

Nothing else matters.


This morning I was having a conversation with one of my friends about how I long for heaven. I long to just be in the presence of my Creator. I long to see him face to face. But, some people don’t want that right now. They want to be here on Earth spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. I understand.

I want to do that too but more than anything, I want to be WITH Jesus Christ in heaven.



Heart Strings

29 Mar

The Lord knows my heart more so than I do.

Before the earthquake, I wrote a blog post about how I wasn’t excited about leaving Japan.

“I am not really that excited. Actually, the thought depresses me.”

Who knew that I would actually feel this way and that my life would be totally changed just a few days later.

If you read through my blog and all of the posts that I have, you will know that I LOVE Africa. She has a special place in my heart. She is amazing.

But, if you know me personally, you will know that Japan also holds a special place in my heart. That I have grown up with Japanese students in my home every summer. That I love the Japanese.

I have been doing a lot of praying lately. Praying for the next step in my life.

Stay in Japan? Go to America? What to do… what to do?

The more and more I think about leaving Japan, the more sad I get. Even now. The Japanese don’t know Christ. People don’t want to come to Japan because they aren’t poor and they aren’t dying of AIDS. They don’t look like they are in need. But, they are. They NEED Christ. They need to know Him. They need to know the love of Christ.

Materialism is taking over Japan. They have turned into work-a-holics. They have idols. They worship their ancestors.

With all of that being said…

I think that Christ might be changing my heart and calling me to stay in Japan. To learn the language, as hard as it is, and tell the Good News of Christ.

Will you pray with me about this decision? Pray that the Lord will move in the hearts of the Japanese. Pray that the Lord will give me a direct answer and make His way known.


21 Mar

If you have been reading my blog lately, you will know that it is almost time for me to move back to America.

Well, that is now old information.

My principal has asked me if I would be willing to extend my ticket for 1 month. So, as of right now, I am planning on moving back to America on May 5th. (Cinco de Mayo anyone?!)

But, that might not be true too. I am staying around to help get the new school year started and finish last year. If any teachers decide that they don’t want to return to Japan, I am here to help out and take up a job. So, I might be returning in March 2012. But, if I stay for a 2nd year, I will let you know that I will be in America for AT LEAST 10 days when my BFFFFF Melanie gets married in September.

The Lord has worked in miraculous ways over the past 11 days. He has changed my heart. He has whispered sweet words of encouragement into my ear. He has protected me. He has held me in this time of dispar.

The Lord is good. All the time He is good.

Hello world!

12 May

Well I have switched over. I feel like changing things up a bit since I have had LOTS of change in my life here recently.

I am now a COLLEGE GRADUATE!! WOOT! I now feel super accomplished but depressed. That $25,000 that is waiting to be paid off is just haunting me.

The world is an exciting place and it is just waiting for me to explore it. I know that right now in my life, this is the one time where I can do whatever I want and not be tied down by things. I am going to Seattle here in about a week and I am going there to see my lovely friends and catch up with them. It will be a marvelous time. Also, while I’m there, I will be attending an interview (is that right terminology?) for a job in Japan. Yes, I did say JAPAN!

I am excited for this adventure to Seattle and to see what is going to come out of it.

Ok well first post, DONE.

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