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25 Oct

My childhood has officially come to an end. My cat died.

For the longest time, I said that I wish I could be a child again. Playing outside until the street lights come on. Playing in the street, no really. Adventuring out into the woods behind my house where we would pretend we were in a magical land, kind of like Narnia. Having family story nights where we would read Little House on the Prairie. When Santa Claus was real. When the Tooth Fairy was real, now I secretly wish I would have caught on sooner and pulled out more teeth. Getting dirty and not even caring. Catching fireflies and frogs.

I had a great childhood. But one of my most favorite memories of childhood is when my sister and I would dress up our cat in doll clothes. We would then have a photo shoot and he would just lay there. Or when my sister and cat got in a fight together. Yeah, he thought that she was another cat. Or when we would have races around the house with the cat and a piece of string. Now, THAT was a fun time.

So now that Rudy, my beloved cat, is gone. I feel like my childhood is gone. I feel like now, I have to be an adult. I have to remember those things, but not live them.

What is something that you will miss about your childhood?


Growing up

3 Oct

My family has decided that today’s garage sale is our last one. EVER.

This kinda makes my heart sad in the fact that as a child, growing up, this is something that we did every Saturday morning until the garage selling “season” was over.

At our garage sale today, you could find MY baby bed and high chair, my suitcase that I used when I went to my grandma’s as a little girl, my little mermaid lamp, my little cd player, and assortment of my Halloween costumes, and my prom dresses.

I have realized through this garage sale that the childhood and adolescence stage of my live, they are over.

I had my dream dress. The big POOFY pink one. It was FABULOUS!

I realize that right now is the time to grow up into the Woman that God has planned for me to be. Like, spending my Friday nights in the coffee shop reading my Bible and doing my devotional. And praying that everything will come together for my job in Japan.

Parting with my prom dresses is such sweet sorrow. Also, my mom parting with my baby bed makes her realize that I really have grown up and I am not momma’s little girl. I am 22 1/2. 🙂

What is something that you thought that would be hard to part with?

Randoms about me…

18 Aug

* I MUST have some sort of white noise when I sleep.

* I sometimes like to smack my food… just because I know that you shouldn’t.

* Before May 2009 I had had the same curtains, butterflies, hanging up since I was in 7th grade.

* I have a Little Mermaid glow in the dark lamp that I have had since I was 6, it will be getting replaced soon.

* I used to have belching and farting contests with my cousins. Yes, they are girls.

* I don’t have a “side” of the bed that I sleep on. I just get in and fall asleep.

* Bugs don’t bother me, unless they are the type that can kill me then they are dead faster.

* I really miss playing my violin.

* I can have a good time.

* I love my mom more than anything and when she is gone for 3 days I miss her terribly.

* I can sing the 50 states in ABC order.

* I make noises.

* I say eww about a lot of things.

* My closet is EXTREMELY organized and when 1 shirt is out of order I get annoyed.

* I love makeup and I sometimes wish I could get mine professionally done.

* I am such a teacher at heart and I wish I had my own classroom to decorate.

* I love burning candles, well really anything.

* I enjoy singing.

* Fireworks are one of my most favorite things ever.

* I really want a niece or nephew REALLY bad.

* I have watched only 1 episode of Saved by the Bell and Fresh Prince. I don’t like them. gasp. I know.

* I talk about random silly things when I get nervous.

* I really want to eat sushi right now.

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