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13 Dec

On Saturday, I took my kids downtown to go caroling.

Downtown on a Saturday is like Black Friday. AKA extremely busy!

All was going well. We were getting lots of stares from people and a lot of “kawaii” (which means cute).

I was having a great time as were my kids.

We sang 5 songs in four different locations. The first location we had a stage. There were cameras, video cameras, and cell phones galore to capture the children singing. I stood and sang right along with my little kiddos. I started tearing up. I felt like such a proud momma. Just to see the smile on their parents faces was amazing.

I mean… kids caroling is so precious. But Japanese kids caroling AND singing in English= one of the cutest things that I have ever seen.

I love my kids and they did such a great job!

Here are a few pictures from the day:

All of 2nd grade on the bus to go downtown.

Me and a few of my girls from my class all decked out in our Christmas wear.

Anna, Nina and Sylvia striking a pose.

All the 2nd graders singing

We sounded like this…

It is just a short clip but I wanted you to hear some of it.

Samantha and me after the long day of caroling.



O Come, All Ye Faithful

7 Dec

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time.

My pastor is going through some of the favorite Christmas songs that we sing every year. He is going through them and having us see the deeper meaning of things.

He was talking about how if you adore something, you are full of joy and you love that thing. But those who we adore, they will bring pain into our lives. For example, children. People adore their children but their child will break their heart at some point in their life.

Did you know that adoration is the first step towards worship? Did you know that the shepherds adored Christ when he was a small child?

They wanted to see the Christ child and see him for everything that he was worth. They wanted to see for themselves, everything that they had heard about.

What is something that you adore? Do you adore an actress? Actor? A sports player? Money? Weight loss?

This got me thinking, what is something that I adore so much, that could possibly turn into an idol?

Are there any idols in your life?

For He alone is worthy
For He alone is worthy
For He alone is worthy
Christ the Lord.

Come let us adore Him.
Come let us adore Him.
Come let us adore Him
Christ the Lord.

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