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27 Aug

I think that if you video taped my life, that video would make a million dollars.

I know… wow Mallory, way to be so proud of yourself. But I honestly do think that it would.

Especially right now.

I woke up at 4:10am. I came to work and discovered a disaster. The sinks were over flowing with nasty, chunky, spoiled, rotten milk. SICK. If you know me at all, you know that I make noises and uh… there was a lot of gagging noises. I’m sure that Whitney was not appreciative of it. It started flowing out of the cabinets and onto the floor. Our entire store smelled like crap.

So in the midst of that I was stressed out and needed some caffeine. So I had a few drinks.

THENNNN I had to go to training and I had a taste of about uh….. 6 or 8, not sure how many, french presses. WOAHHHHHH. Major jazzness there!!! ALSO, I wanted a caramel macchiato. 🙂 goodness

Well uh… lets just say that I have been sitting here in Starbucks for a good hour and I have been taping or moving around. Or talking to myself. Or looking out the window. Or giving my computer weird looks. Or giving customers weird looks.

Yes. Right now would be a good time to video tape me. 🙂

I should NEVER have this much caffeine ever again in my life. I have also made about 12 trips to the bathroom today.

My life is always interesting.



20 Aug

Today Kaleigh and I decided to adventure out into the world of Kansas City.

She wanted to go to Half Price Books and I had never been there so I thought that it would be fun to find it. Well we got lost about 15 thousand times. I thought that it would be fun. And it was.


Little Red, my car, decided that she wasn’t going to turn on. AHHHHH. I was not a happy camper. I have never had any problems with her. This is the first time that she has acted up and of course, she is deciding to do this right when I have to start paying for her. MRRRRR

Well we wait around and go into the Dollar Store. What a lovely little interesting store. We found a fun book. Fark. Fark.com is a fun site that everyone should check out. It is about news that really isn’t news but needs to be filled in for the media.

We also went to a coffee shop and I have discovered that I am a coffee snob. I had the WORST Carmel Macchiato in my LIFE. First off, there was no vanilla in it. Second off, there was no Carmel drizzle. WHAT!!! It tasted like I was eating dirt. Thank you Starbucks for showing me what real coffee tastes like.

Well Little Red was jumped and then she started shaking on the way home on 70. AHHH. I couldn’t go above 50. Mrrr this is not good.

Prayers for Little Red would be appreciated as well as my bank account so that I can afford to fix her. 🙂

blessed at work

12 Aug

So I have been praying a lot lately about what book God wants me to read to deepen my faith in Him. I have heard from many friends that John Piper is an excellent writer and that his books are always amazing.

I researched and came to the conclusion that I wanted to read Don’t Waste Your Life. I was actually thinking about purchasing it on half.com today. Well there was no need to do that.

While I was at work, I saw a lady doing her Bible study and enjoying her latte. She had a lovely journal that she was scribbling away in. I was going through the lobby making sure all of the chairs were neatly arranged and that all of the crumbs and spills were wiped up.

I saw a book on the coffee table in front of her. It was Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper!!! I asked her what she thought about it and she said that it was a marvelous book and that her young adult group was doing it at church. I wished her a good day and then continued on cleaning the lobby.

Well about five minutes later, she came up to the counter with THE book. She was like I just wanted to give this to you. I was so shocked! I cannot believe that I was just blessed by God on this marvelous day.

God works in the weirdest ways and man I love Him for that!

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