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One Word Update

15 Jun

This year I decided to choose to live by the word: Delight.

I just sit and laugh right now.

Back here I wrote about some things that I thought I would have to find delight in. In these “hard” times.

I wonder what the Lord thought about when I was writing that post. Thinking about trying to find delight in moving back to America, finding a new job, and feeling lonely.

If you have been reading my blog, you will obviously know that I didn’t move back to America and I didn’t have to find a job.

On March 11th, 2011 at 2:46 pm, the largest earthquake ever recorded in history changed all of my plans. I was in the middle of the biggest unknown in my life. I didn’t know what to do. I chose to be delightful to other people who were scared and afraid because of the unknown. I told myself that I would not freak out and to remain calm and be the ice breaker in this situation.

I wanted to be delightful. This was the time that I had to really live out my word. It was in my face and ready for me to grab it by the handles and go for a ride.

I never, ever, expected myself to be in the middle of one of the worst disasters ever. I was in shock, I still am, that the Lord would spare my life. That he placed me at a school that took care of me and made sure that my health and safety were at the top of the list. I could have easily been teaching at a school on the coast and been washed away by the tsunami. But, the Lord apparently has great plans for my life.

When I called home to talk to my family, I made sure that I was delightful and I was still my normal self. I didn’t want them to worry about me. I wanted them to know that I was safe and well taken care of. Yes, I did only eat two meals a day, but we had snacks in the afternoon and really… I was never really hungry.

When I talk to my Japanese friends in Tokyo, I still choose to be delightful. They ask me, “Why didn’t you leave? A lot of Americans left. Why didn’t you leave?” I told them that the Lord tells me to not have fear. My life is not my own and I am a servant of the Lord. I love the Japanese and I love Japan. I would not want to leave in a time when they need me most. I wanted to show the love of Christ first hand.

I often find myself thinking about my life if the earthquake wouldn’t have happened. I think that I would be lonely, sad, depressed. But I have to be honest, right now I am seriously the happiest that I have ever been in my life. I am not happy that the earthquake happened but I am happy that the Lord is good and he turns everything around to bring glory to himself.

I would have to say that my happiness, or my joy, does not come from my job, my friends or my church. It comes from the Lord. By delighting myself in the Lord, he has truly given me some of the desires of my heart. Right now, that is to be in Japan with the people I love.




25 Jan

Right now I am in a pickle.

Yes, I just said that.

I have been applying for jobs almost every day for the past week. I have applied for jobs all over Kansas City and then I decided heck, why not apply for jobs in other countries.

So my current situation of waiting and waiting and waiting keeps taking me back to my word.


I need to remind myself to delight in the Lord because He knows what he is doing. He will provide me with a job. He will help me get my student loans paid off.

But in the mean time if you know of any lovely jobs out there for me… please list away…



6 Jan

Last week I told you that my one word that I would decide to live out by would be, delight.

My friend Alece over at Grit and Glory challenged us to all try to live out one word for the year.

She never expected it to blow up like it has. So far, over 150 people have pledged to live by One Word this year.


That is a lot of people. That is people who have blogs. I also know of other people who don’t have blogs who are trying to live out One Word this year.

If you want to link up on Facebook, we have it over there too.

Anyway… about my word….

I have been thinking about what it truly means to be delight(ful). How do you take delight in everything? Is that more like joy? Does it mean the same thing?

Delight has been constantly on my mind.

If you want to revamp your New Years Resolution, then think about living out One Word this year.

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