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Drivers License

29 Jun

I am happy to announce that I can now legally drive in Japan!


I just want to say that I am SO THANKFUL that we have assistance here to help us with things like this. I would have been lost and had no idea what to do. You have to go to all of these different windows to get stamps to pay for your tests. You also have to fill out a certain form and let me tell you… that form is confusing.

This is how ginormous this place is:

Imagine this place being PACKED full of people. There is no one in this picture because it was the time that all of the foreigners come to get their license and it was just 1 hour before closing.

This is another picture. All of these windows are different places you can go to get different things done to your license. I was seriously amazed.

And here is a lovely picture of my license…. here in Japan you cannot smile in your picture AND I was sweating up a storm so those are two excuses as to why my picture is terrible. :]


It is always an adventure and today was another one under my belt.

It is weird to have this because I feel like I really do live in Japan now and I am a resident… which makes my heart VERY happy. :]


2 things

14 Jun

I have two things to say:

1. American Immigration is stupid.

2. Jesus is amazing!!!

Okay, now let me explain these two things.

Here in Japan, you can have your international drivers license for 1 year. Mine expired back in February but they were still allowing me to drive because the driving course was closed and needed repair due to the earthquake. But, they fixed it so, this means that I am no longer allowed to drive. I had to give my key back and everything.

I went to the DMV today and started filling out my paper work. They do some weird calculation on how long you have had your license and needed to know all of these dates of why I was out of the country and what countries I was visiting.

Well I went to Thailand in 2007. I came back to America on July 4, 2007, but according to my passport, I came back on August 4th, 2007. But if you were to look at other stamps in my passport, I was in Ireland on August 4th, 2007. The immigration officer stamped the WRONG MONTH in my passport when I came back from Thailand!!! So now I have a wrong stamp in a VERY official document!!!

So that explains why American Immigration is stupid.

2. Jesus is amazing!!!! Well I knew this already but it was proved even more so today.

Back in December 2009 my purse was stolen from church… 2 weeks before Christmas. No it was not from someone who went to my church, it was from someone who was visiting and was attending the Children’s Christmas party that we were having that morning. My purse was under my northface coat and that was under the church desk. It still makes me upset about that whole situation.

Anyway… I had to get a new drivers license since that one was obviously gone. Well on my driving record, it says that my license was issued on 12/14/2009. With the weird calculation that they have to do, I have to be in America for 90 days or something like that after I got my license. But I pointed out that I got my first drivers license on March 14, 2003, when I was 16. But, on the drivers record it says that is when my driving permit expires.

I was sitting there feeling helpless. I don’t have a copy of my license since in Missouri you don’t get to keep your old licenses. I don’t have a copy of an insurance form or anything here in Japan. I was just sitting there praying that something would work out.

Finally after all of the surrounding people had left, the man that was helping me went back and looked up what permit meant in the dictionary. He decided that he would go ahead and okay me, even though he wasn’t supposed to.

I seriously wanted to kiss his cheek I was so happy. Jesus is seriously amazing. I was just amazed.

I was questioned a second time and I just prayed the whole time that the man would understand and let me go through.

So, I now have a driving test appointment made for next Tuesday!

Here’s to hoping I pass! :]

Switching it up?

24 Aug

How would you feel if the United States of America decided that one day we were going to drive on the LEFT side of the road?!

WOAH BUDDY! I would be totally confused and I’m sure that there would be TONS of car wrecks.

I was reading my daily yahoo.com posts and I saw that Samoa is switching sides of the road to drive on. Apparently they are the first country to do this since the 1970’s. I guess other countries have done this as well. I don’t know how I would feel about that.

Read about it here.

Tell me, how you would feel if the US decided to switch sides?

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