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Think about it

22 Jul

Have you ever thought about the way that you treat your friends?

Do you love them and treat them with respect? Do you bend over backwards for them? Do you tell them that you love them? Do you do things that you hate for them?

Here is another question: 

How would you feel if your friends treated you the way that you treated them? Would you like that?

Step back from reality and look at the bigger picture. 

I challenge you to tell your friends that you love them. Be the person that calls them first if they always call you. Be the person to invite them to do things if they always invite you. Text them and ask them how their day is even if they do live half way across the world. 

This may be me being selfish but think about it.


Overwhelming Joy

13 Jan

In December 2007, I had to take out a private loan to help with college.

I only needed to take out $3,000 but I took out $8,000. I wanted to buy a computer and I’m not sure what else I was planing on doing with the extra $5,000. But, the Lord knew.

He knew that I would need that money to go to South Africa for 2 months in the summer of 2008. He knew that I would travel to South Africa to meet two of my best friends, Hannah and Saige.

I thought that I was going to travel to South Africa and maybe meet my husband. But I am so so so so thankful that I met these two wonderful, Godly women. They speak such truth into my life.

Hannah is one of the most wonderful people who I have ever met. She encourages me so much in my faith. She tells me if I am being stupid. She tells me that it is okay to cry. It is okay to have feelings that may seem ridiculous. She dreams with me. We have only ever spent 10 days since South Africa in the same place. We talk MULTIPLE times a day thanks to amazing technology. She makes my heart so joyful. I love her so stinking much.

Saige is my twin. She is all kinds of random. We can chase dreams. We Facebook stalk. We text each other at hours of the morning that are ungodly and have beautiful conversations. We love to watch stupid videos. We love a good type scream laugh. We have only seen each other 2 times since South Africa but we chat all the time. It is like I never even left America. I am soooooo thankful for her.

In March, I am hoping to finish paying off that loan. It is bittersweet. Where I have come from since taking out that loan to where I am now. Where these relationships have started and where they are now.

Thank you Jesus for letting me take out that extra $5,000. I wouldn’t trade those two girls for the world.

Best Friends

25 Aug

This past week has been a whirlwind of crazy.

I got to spend this past week with two of my dearest friends, Hannah and Saige.

They flew into Kansas City to spend a week with me. I feel blessed that they would do that.

We had so many fun times. Some of those great times are: shopping in random stores, painting our fingernails, spooning in bed, laughing at hilarious cat videos, playing with my Japanese nephews, sunning our selves, swimming, riding around in my dads truck and frequenting Sonic.

While they were here I also realized that I am turning into an old lady. Last Friday night Saige decided that she wanted to get her nose pierced and Hannah on a whim decided to get her belly button pierced. I on the other hand just sat there, with my dear friend Melanie, and though of all of the ways that I could use the money that they were spending on their piercings.

It was so much fun having those two here. I feel so blessed to call them some my best friends.


Pen Pals

30 Jun

Ever since I was little, I always thought that it was so neat that I had friends who lived in Japan.

We would get random pieces of mail from them or sometimes even a package.

I have decided that I need to conjure up some pen pals. People that I know very well and people who I don’t know that well.

I think that it is awesome to write letters and send them all over the world.

If you would like to be my pen pal, or if you want me to send you a letter, let me know.

:] Have a lovely Thursday.

Snapshot Sunday

14 Nov


I forgot to post a picture or two yesterday. But yesterday was CRAZY! I left my house at 7:30 am and I didn’t get back for the day until midnight. O.0

Yesterday we had open house. I am not a huge fan of open house EVERY MONTH but I guess whatever, that is how life is. This open house we made Harvest Soup. Yes, I cooked with my kids AND in front of my parents. It all turned out well. Only one of my student’s didn’t like it but she doesn’t like anything.

On Friday we boiled all of the vegetables and yesterday our kids cut them up. They had a lot of fun.

Mr. Anthony cutting up some pumpkin.

Yesterday we also had a staff party. There were group games and my team came in 2nd! WOOT!

One of the games that we got to play was dressing one of our teammates up in clothes as fast as possible.

My boss is on the right. A clown with cowboy boots and a gun. Great combo.

Photo courtesy of Hope.

Logan and me at the party. Oh and a lovely photo bomber named Kelsey.

My lovely friend Melanie.

After the party Maegan and I decided that we wanted to go galavanting around. So we went to the movies and we were super excited that there was more than one movie in English! We decided to watch Night and Day. Not too bad. But before the movie we were sitting in the car and then Maegan tells me she wants to call her friend so she got OUT of the car to talk to her friend.

Who gets out of the car to take a phone call?

Only Maegan.

Proof of her standing outside talking on the phone.



Okay well that was quite a few pictures but next week, I might have more.

So get ready. :]

Kekkou Desu

31 Mar

Well I did it. My first foreign adventure by myself. Well.. semi by myself.

There is wayyy too much to write about my spring break to Tokyo so I will just give some highlights… or things that I think you might find funny.

1. Found my way to my shinkansen (bullet train) and thought that I would get some water… turned around, the train was gone. I had a slight panic attack. I thought how in the world am I going to get on the right one.. crap. So I asked the lady in front of me if I was late and she told me that I was ok. (Remember… that was all in Japanese and my pointing and panicking face.)

2. Got to Tokyo station. Had to find a pay phone… nearly impossible. Thankfully the travel agent spoke English so I was able to find one. 1 hour later… Marshie and I found each other. I need a cell phone.

3. Met a lot of foreigners… From New Zealand, OZ, Ireland, Scotland and America…. I met them in a bar.

4. I ate a lot of delicious Japanese food.

5. I saw 11 or more people that I haven’t seen in 6 years.

6. Learned some Japanese.

7. Was woken up by my cute little Japanese nephew who is 3 and is fluent in English.

8. Tokyo tower is exactly 1 meter taller than the Eiffel Tower… what a slap in France’s face.

9. Received tons of gifts.

10. I realized that I am loved by so many people. People from all over the world.

It was an amazing break. I loved every minute of it. Tomorrow I start my job for reals. Kinda nervous. I have a lot to learn and a lot to do. Ekk

Aborting the USA

25 Nov

I leave in 67 days.

I am moving to Japan in 67 days. This means that I actually have less than that to hang out with my friends and family. I have to take into account that I will be working, sleeping, hanging out with the family, or hanging out with the friends.

So, if you would like to hang out, let me know. We should schedule something fun to do. I love to eat good food, drink coffee, sit and chit chat, play (some) games, and shop. If you like to do any of those things, awesome, we shall have a great time.

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