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20 Sep

While I was in America at my parents house, I found some very important documents.

My letters to my future husband.

I have been writing him letters since August 19, 2002. I was 15 years old and a sophomore in high school.

In these letters I tell him how much I love him, that I am praying for him and how I cannot wait to meet him.

I tell him about the ups and downs of being a teenager. To having my heart-broken… many times. To how I have grown in Christ.

The other day I was sitting here reading some of those letters. I was thinking, hmm…. what will I do when I meet him and give them to him on our wedding day? I feel like I cannot just stop writing letters. Will I write letters to my children one day?

To me, I feel like writing letters is such a great way to express your love to someone.

I mean.. God used people to write the Bible for us. That is one of the greatest love letters ever written. How his son would die for us because he LOVED us.

What is a way that you show someone  you love them?



6 Sep

Last night I was laying in my bed thinking about things.

This weekend my best friend gets married. We have been best friends since we were just days old.

We have spent many years doing life together. From our first crushes, to our first heart breaks, to getting sent to her room because we were being noisy, to getting ready for dances, to graduating high school, going off to college, rooming together in college, to not being friends for a while, to renewing our friendship, crying over many things, to graduating college, to moving away from each other, to me moving to Japan, to her meeting the man of her dreams and falling in love.

I am so incredibly excited for her. This is a day that we have dreamed about since we were 6 years olds.

Then I started thinking about my own life. I started thinking about when will she get to be so excited for me because I will be getting married in just days? What kind of marital wisdom could she give me? Then I started praying.

I prayed that the Lord would help fill this longing in my heart. Then I listened. He said, “Mallory, if you want this to happen, you need to Delight yourself in ME and I WILL give you the desires of you heart. You need to be digging into My Word. I want to be that man for you right now. I am going to prepare you for that.”

It was a great reminder as my heart often feels this way when one of my best friends gets married.

Sometimes I just need reminding. How about you?

Checking in

1 Apr

Well it has been 4 months since I have decided to live by the word, delight.

I always thought that 24 would be a great year. So far, as of this morning, there have been 846 earthquakes since my birthday.

I don’t know why I have always thought that 24 would be a good age. Maybe because I feel like you are old enough, people respect you and it would be a great age to get married.

I never expected the first week of turning 24 to be living in a city where the worst natural disaster was to hit Japan. But, the Lord knew. He knew about me picking to live by the word, delight.

Here are some examples from the past 3 weeks of how delight has been lived out:

I would have to put my delight in Him in order to get through this natural disaster. I would have to delight in Him when I would find out that I would be staying in Japan longer than expected. I would have to delight in the Lord when my heart-strings were pulled and my heart’s motto would change to telling the Japanese about Christ rather than the Africans. I would have to delight in the Lord when He convicts me of things that need to be weeded from my life.

I will need to put my delight in Him because I don’t know what next week holds for me. I will need to put my delight in Him when I am praying about my future husband. I will need to put my delight in the Lord when I think about how He has created and is molding my fh into the man that I will need to do life with. I will need to put my delight in Him when all of my friends are getting married and I am not.

Delight is another word for joy. I want to be more delightful this year. I want the Lord to use me in a way that I would have never imagined. I want Him to show me who He is. I want Him to use me to show the love of Christ to the nation of Japan.

Will you pray with me? Pray that I will choose to be delight(ful) in all situations. Pray that I will delight myself in the Lord.


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