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12 Jan

Every year I make a list of things that I would like to accomplish in the year.

It isn’t anywhere near resolutions. It is just things that I would like to do in the year.

Last year I had these things on my list:

* Go to at least 2 new countries (only made it to 1: Australia)

* Read through the New Testament (big fail)

* Pay off $5000 in student loans (paid off one entire loan but it wasn’t $5000)

* lost 15 lbs (lost 10)

* go ice skating

* see all of my Japanese family

* write to Post Secret (I made one but then I decided to delete it.)

* go skiing (nope)

* learn how to make sushi

* learn to drive in Japan

Well that year wasn’t so great. I think it is because there was so much change in the past year. Seesh.

This next year, I have a few things that I want to achieve:

* read through the Bible.

* Do P90X

* Go to a state I have never been to.

* Keep in contact with friends made in Japan

* Volunteer with an organization

* Pay off $7000 in student loans

* Write to Post Secret

* Send more letters

Some of you may be asking, uh… how about a job? Well I would like to get a teaching job in America butttt I don’t know if that is in God’s plan. I don’t know if He will have me teaching or scrubbing toilets at the mall. So, I cannot write that down on my list. :]

Well here is to 2011. It will be a great year and I cannot wait for what it will hold.

Also… you should think about One Word 2011. Click on the link to the right to read more.



4 Jan

This time last year, I made a list of things that I wanted to achieve in the upcoming year. Let’s see how I did….

* Go to a foreign country (nope… but I am moving to Japan in 29 days.)
* Get a “real” job (yep, 1st Grade Teacher at Meysen Academy)
* Keep in contact with college friends (holla… still in contact)
* Lose 15 pounds (5 lbs lost… that is it. :[ )
* Keep in contact with South Africa friends (holla did this too anddddd managed to make a few too)
* Pay off at least $3000 of my college loans (Well I have paid off $2000)
* Go ice skating (FAIL!)
* Go to a state that I have never been to before (New Mexico with Saigey and Wisconsin with Hannah and Kristin)
* Learn how to drive a manual car (fail)
* Go on a road trip with friends (with Saigey to New Mexico… best road trip ever)
* Join an Bible Study (Hannah and I started one)
* Redo my bedroom (WOOOOOT I am so excited that I did this!)
* Learn how to make a complete meal (still working on this one)
* Graduate college (Holla!)
* Volunteer with an organization (:[ nope)

8 out of 15 isn’t bad. That is like a 53%… eesh.

Ok the new list….

* Go to at least 2 new countries
* read through the New Testament again
* pay off $5000 of my student loans
* lose 15 lbs
* go ice skating
* see all of my Japanese family
* write to postsecret
* go skiing
* learn how to make sushi
* learn to drive in JAPAN

Well here is to 2010 and a new list of things to achieve!

What is something that you want to achieve this year?

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